Pavel Filip: Republic of Moldova still hopes that it can become a genuine country

"There is still hope that the Republic of Moldova can become a genuine country, a sovereign state, with prosperous, happy people, with families staying here, at home, with responsible politicians, who do not bow always their heads to outside forces but fight with dignity for the interests of its citizens". Thus, the interim chairman of PDM, ex-prime minister of the Republic of Moldova, Pavel Filip, describes Moldova at the anniversary of 28 years of independence.

"In recent years we have begun to raise people’s living standards of, to increase wages and pensions, to finally repair the roads in our villages, to bring water to people's homes and light on the streets, to demand respect for the country from the great powers. It seems that not everyone likes to be more independent, stronger, to show that you can do good things for the people and for the country on your own. Unfortunately, they are the "elder brothers", who would prefer that the Republic of Moldova did not get up from its knees and always stayed with an outstretched hand, while others would throw us a piece of bread every now and then so that we do not starve. We can witness now how independent and sovereign the Republic of Moldova is, where are parading generals of a foreign state that has an illegally stationed army in the east of our country,” said Pavel Filip.

According to the former prime minister, it is regrettable that for 28 years we have remained a divided society, largely because of the politicians who always want to lead Moldova first to the left and then to the right. "The country must be cared for and developed so that every citizen can say it out loud: I am proud of my country, the Republic of Moldova."


In his opinion, the impoverishment of the population the massive exodus of citizens abroad are the main problems of the country, and the reasons must be looked for in the actions of the politicians. After several years in which the Government which he had the honour to lead, "increased salaries and pensions, reduced taxes and VAT, says the former prime minister, we are witnessing a reverse process with the coming of the new government: fast population impoverishment, increase in taxes and VAT, increase in tariffs and prices, while salaries and pensions remain unchanged. After such actions, why will people want to stay at home in the Republic of Moldova?” asks Pavel Filip.

The interim chair of PDM says that if failures can be blamed on politicians, the most important achievements are the merit of common citizens of this country, those who have learned to work well, to develop prosperous businesses, creating new jobs, here, at home, in Moldova. Such people can make the Republic of Moldova more independent.

Pavel Filip wishes the citizens of Moldova for the time to come when, on Independence Day, they can sincerely congratulate each other, as they will be truly proud and satisfied that they are prosperous citizens of a developed European state. "I believe in the future of our state, I believe in the people of our country! Happy Birthday, Republic of Moldova!”, Pavel Filip said.

Note: IPN news agency asked for an interview Prime Minister Maia Sandu, President Igor Dodon and Parliament Speaker Zinaida Greceanii on the eve of the 28th anniversary of Independence Day.


On August 27, 1991, 28 years ago, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted the Declaration of Independence, a document signed by 278 deputies. This founding act is celebrated every year as Independence Day. The original declaration burned during the 2009 protests in Chisinau, but was restored in 2010.

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