Pavel Filip: PDM didn’t remove Sandu Government

The Government led by Maia Sandu was incompetent, said the Democratic leader Pavel Filip, ex-Premier. In a video interview for IPN Agency, Pavel Filip said the PDM didn’t remove the Government of Maia Sandu. “This left voluntarily based on a decision assumed by Maia Sandu”.

Pavel Filip said that in the period prior to the no-confidence motion, he was contacted by heads of state, development partners, ambassadors who asked him how the PDM would vote when the motion is examined. Only Maia Sandu and the representatives of the ACUM Bloc didn’t contact him. This made him believe that Maia Sandu wants to leave. The PDM had no political reason not to vote in favor of the motion.

According to him, the Sandu Government chose to leave in a more “heroic” way, invoking the obstacle to naming a correct prosecutor, after seeing that it cannot deliver results in the social infrastructure sector, in the economy. “This was only a pretext for leaving and starting the campaign prior to the presidential elections,” stated the leader of the PDM.

Pavel Filip insisted that the PDM does not act in a coalition with the PSRM. The Democrats voted for the Chicu Government after they were assured the social and infrastructure projects initiated by the PDM would be continued.

The period during which the ACUM and PSRM governed in a coalition was stagnant for Moldova. During the five months, they heard only harsh statements and saw commissions of inquiry and accusations, but no evidence. “I didn’t see a concrete project that would have ensured wellbeing in this country and benefits for the people. They showed inconsistency.”

As regards the criminal case started over usurpation of power by representatives of the PDM, Pavel Filip said this was nothing but an instrument to influence the results of the local elections. When heading the Government, he abided by the Constitutionals Court’s judgment. They obeyed the law and there was no reason to declare that the power was usurped.

The interview “PDM president Pavel Filip’s view about the state of affairs in Moldovan society at the intersection of years” forms part of the series “Crossroads of years through the angle of the ideal of living better at home” that also involve President Igor Dodon and Prime Minister Ion Chicu and the leaders of the main parliamentary parties Andrei Năstase and Maia Sandu.

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