Pavel Filip: On next anniversaries we could speak about a more respectable and developed state. IPN interview

IPN interview with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Pavel Filip on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the declaration of Independence

– What is the most important accomplishment over the 27 years of Independence in your opinion and why? What didn’t we manage to obtain as a state during these years?

– The 27th independence anniversary we celebrate this year continues to place us among young democracies at European level. Looking back, we can see that the keeping of this path to strengthening democracy was our most important accomplishment. The Republic of Moldova changes daily, possibly not at the pace we want, but we definitely overcame the stage of transition and general uncertainty. Today we can travel freely in the European Union, have access to free markets and enjoy the support of the most important international organizations.

Our country has a European vocation, close ties with the neighboring states and the Western powers and a goal to which it aspires – entry into the European Union. All these concepts during the past few years produced enhanced security, political and social stability, economic growth, increased trust in foreign investors and, especially, the improvements expected by the Moldovan citizens.

We also have a series of failures and, surely, a long road to development. Among the failures are the development pace that not always meets citizens’ expectations, energy dependence and perpetuation of the frozen conflict in the Transnistrian region. At the same time, the Government I head took important steps to remove these barriers to the path to development.

– What did the Independence for citizen Pavel Filip and his family mean?

– The year our country obtained independence coincides with the year I started my professional activity. I can thus say I fully experienced the uncertainty of those times and saw how the country chose a correct course. For me and my family, as for all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, the Independence meant first of all a radical change. Afterward we all learned to adjust to the times and to open our minds to new. We looked attentively for the first time to what was going on outside our borders and realized that we had a lot to do to catch up.

We have had since then the models that we could apply and there was an already established road that our country is also following – of democracy and market economy. At the same time, I’m glad that later our children knew another world and other types of opportunities, more openness in the West and appropriate ambitions.

– How will the 28th, eventually, the 29th and 30th anniversaries of the declaration of Independence differ from the current anniversary?

– In pragmatic terms, on the next anniversaries we could speak about a more respectable and developed country owing to the measures we take now in all the key areas, starting with the pensions and social services, continuing with the optimization of public administration, development of the media sphere, creation of proper conditions for investors and business people, the fight against fraud and corruption and many others. At the same time, no matter who rules in Moldova, a powerful commitment to the people will be needed for these reforms to be continued and supplemented and for the people’s needs to be always placed at the forefront.

I also have a series of hopes. I hope the European course will be soon enshrined in the Constitution and will be further assumed by the political class as the country project. I hope stability in the country will be maintained and the economic development will continue for the citizens who hope this and so that an increasing number of Moldovans who are abroad return home with confidence.

–Why should a citizen of the Republic of Moldova feel proud to be a citizen of this state?

– National pride is the result of what our predecessors did, what we do today and what we hope to do in the future. First of all, in the current context, an essential reason for pride is the fact that we are an independent country that made a lot of progress on this road that is not at all easy, given the challenges we faced during the first years of the obtaining of this status. At the same time, a citizen of the Republic of Moldova can be now proud of the quality of associate state of the European Union, which implies EU support and assistance for reforms that become increasingly important.

Besides the EU, numerous international organizations became involved to help the Republic of Moldova in time and we received support at the highest level for solving our security-related problems. I refer to the United Nations. Last but not least, the Republic of Moldova is a state with big potential that witnessed an economic growth higher than the projections during the last two years. This allowed continuing the started reforms.

Finally, I think our particularity of diverse country with a distinct culture and rich traditions that, alongside our wines, helped us leave an imprint in the world is an additional reason for pride. It is our duty to conserve and develop all these things. Each small change to the better – in our village, in our city, in our family or at the workplace – means a step in the right direction for the Republic of Moldova and offers each of us a reason for national pride.

Elena Nistor, IPN

Note: IPN News Agency conducted ‘mirror’ interviews (with similar questions) with representatives of the government and opposition leaders.

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