Patronages consider that a vigorous social policy needs lots of money

The leaders of the patronages state that for making a healthy social policy in the Republic of Moldova a “bag of money”, coming from the development of the national economy. Solicited by Info-Prim Neo to comment upon the request of the trade unions to the patronages to increase the tariff wage for the first wage category in the non-budget area up to 750 lei, the deputy director of the National Confederation of Patronages of Moldova, Adrian Axenti, declared that the request of the trade unions to increase the wages up to the level of neighbor countries without taking into consideration our economic realities could, simply lead to an inflation crisis. In this case, any increase by 200 lei per month will be “swallowed” by inflation, so the increase will be simply on paper. At the same time Axenti states that “the patronages from Moldova reject the wild capitalism, but opt for paying according to the quality of the offered work, because they can not afford paying rents to each citizen”. Axenti explained that the negotiations on the tariff wages lasted half a year because the proposals of the trade unions do not comply with the principle mentioned-above, insisting upon the increase from 550 to 750 lei the tariff wage for the first wage category. “This value is not real for some areas of the economy, especially for the agricultural area and the processing industry, production of which is included mainly in the structure of GDP”, added the quoted source. “It is known that any increase of the wages leads to supplementary expanses when paying taxes, inclusively social contributions, and medical insurances. The increase of the salary by 10-15 lei means in fact enterprise expenses of 30-40 lei”, noted Axenti. In the context of promoting social dialogue and solving rationally the problems of the social partners, the leader of the patronages said that the Government must accept equilibrated social policies as against the macroeconomic indexes, to promote a fiscal policy which would encourage the development of the enterprises. Axenti mentioned that as a matter of fact not diminishing the fiscal burden is important, but creating conditions for the commercialization of Moldovan products on foreign markets. “Regardless of the taxes quota, the state must take care of the resources that remain “in the pocket” of the enterprises for ensuring their sustainable development”. According to the policy of the patronages, in the Republic of Moldova must be introduced the notion of unique tax for natural persons and legal entities as in the case of Romania. It must not exceed 13%, fact which would diminish the expenses for fiscal administration, the underground economy will disappear, because diminishing the fiscal burden will liquidate the double-entry bookkeeping. At the same time, the patronages plead for a minimum wage not less than the existence minimum. The National Confederation of Patronages of Moldova is an umbrella for patronage organizations and represents the interests of 2500 enterprises from the Republic of Moldova with 300 thousand employees, meaning about 40-50% of the total number of employees in the real economy of the country.

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