PAS, PPDA and PDM: State of emergency could be extended so as to delay elections

The MPs of the PDM, PPPDA and PAS do not rule out the possibility that the state of emergency will be extended by the PSRM-Shor coalition so as to delay the snap parliamentary elections. According to them, the Socialists will do their utmost to put off the snap elections so as to shift responsibility for the economic and pandemic crisis onto President Maia Sandu and the pro-presidential party, IPN reports.

The MPs of the PPPDA said that even if the Constitutional Court ruled that there are circumstances for dissolving Parliament, the Socialists will insist on delaying the snap elections so that the citizens associate the chaos in the country with President Sandu.

“The Socialists will dally and will demand that the elections should be held in conditions set by them and they have rather good pretexts: state of emergency, the pandemic. They will say the elections should be held only after the pandemic is overcome. This way, they gain time for preparing and will try to decrease the rating of their political opponents,” PPPDA MP Dinu Plîngău stated in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

The Democrats are confident that the Socialists will not accept President Sandu’s scenario to hold snap elections as swiftly as possible and will come with initiatives that will distance the date of elections.

“It is a war between the PAS and the PSRM. The Socialists will not leave things like that and could come up with statements on the usurpation of power in the state. This could be very dangerous. I think they will try to extend the state of emergency invoking the dramatic pandemic situation,” said Democratic MP Alexandru Jizdan.

Even if Igor Dodon earlier announced that the PSRM will not support the allocation of money for holding snap elections as long as the country needs money to buy vaccines, the PAS MPs said the allocation of money for elections cannot be hampered.

“The money for elections is allocated based on a Government decision. The organization of elections is an administrative matter and the associated costs can be covered with the money existing in the reserve fund. Under the Law on Public Finances, the Government can reallocate particular resources within the limit of 10% of what was planned in the state budget law. The Government cannot refuse to allocate money if there is a relevant presidential decree,” said PAS MP Radu Marian.

According to the Central Election Commission, the snap parliamentary elections would cost the state budget 120 million lei. The money is needed also for purchasing protection equipment for preventing the spread of SARS-COV-2. The 2021 state budget does not include funds for organizing snap elections.  

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