PAS MP: Moldova has potential and can become a link between the West and the East

The Republic of Moldova has potential to develop and to become a powerful and prosperous state as it can become a link between the East and the West, said PAS MP Vitalie Jacot. He expressed his gratitude to Romania for all the support provided to Moldova in time. For their part, representatives of the extraparliamentary opposition said the Moldovan authorities do not fully realize the potential of the Moldovan-Romanian relations, ignoring contracts with important Romanian companies, IPN reports.

In connection with the National Day of Romania, PAS MP Vitalie Jacot thanked the Romanian side for the projects implemented in the Republic of Moldova, for the support provided to overcome the energy crisis and for the fact that Bucharest became the most important advocate for Moldova in Brussels.

“We bank on the support of our friends and brothers. We do not beg as we have what to offer, but we do not reject the provided assistance. The Republic of Moldova has enormous potential and for the West is a link to the East, which the West can use. And the opposite, for the East we are a bridge to the West. Currently, Romania offers to us natural gas, gas storage possibilities, financial assistance for the education sector, infrastructure and other areas,” Vitalie Jacot stated in the program “Ghețu Asks” on TV8 channel.

The extraparliamentary opposition said that there are sufficient examples showing that the Moldovan authorities showed lack of friendly relations and cooperation with Romania.

“There were occasions when the Republic of Moldova could also offer to Romania. I refer to the contract for the construction of the Isaccea – Vulcănești high voltage power line, which was awarded to another business entity to the detriment of an operator from Romania. Or when it goes to the reconstruction of the cogeneration unit of Termoelectrica. We clearly saw the recognition and support in relation to the Romanian side. But Romania has been our friend, partner and advocate. And we should show gratitude for the provided unconditional support,” said the vice president of PSDE Nicolae Ciubuc.

In the same connection, the opinions of political commentators concerning Moldova’s relationship with Romania are differing. Some say Moldova will be unable to survive as a state in the absence of support from Bucharest, while others consider Romania and the EU became responsible for Moldova’s faith after Chisinau fully assumed the European course.

“Given the Russian Federation’s unfriendly policy towards our state, the EU, the Western partners and primarily Romania are the lifebuoy that keeps the Republic of Moldova afloat. In the absence of this assistance, it is highly importable that the Republic of Moldova will survive. This makes us wonder how feasible this state is and to what extent it is able to survive alone,” said political commentator Anatol Țăranu.

“The recent IPP poll shows that not everyone embraces the idea of the union. The largest part of the population is against this idea. The politicians should be grateful to Romania, but geographically the West owes to the Republic of Moldova. Moldova, which is not an EU and NATO member, is today very exposed and, given that it showed its adherence to the European values, the West has a debt towards the Republic of Moldova,” said political commentator Corneliu Ciurea.

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