PAS MP: Ministry of Infrastructure prepared very well for coming winter

The Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) demands that Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu should resign as he poorly managed the energy crisis. The party’s president Dinu Plîngău said the government acts to the detriment of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova when it makes the debts of Moldovagaz the people’s burden. For their part, representatives of the government said the Ministry of Infrastructure prepared very well for the cold period of the year and the accusations made against Andrei Spînu are groundless and are aimed at decreasing the people’s confidence in the current government, IPN reports.

Dinu Plîngău noted that Andrei Spînu badly negotiated the contract for the supply of gas with Gazprom, while the debts of Moldovagaz are not the responsibility of the consumers who pay their bills on time. However, these negative deviations were introduced in the gas rate that from October 1 will be 29.26 lei per cubic meter.

“Those debts are added to the gas rate. The rate was raised from 23 to 29 lei as a result of poor management. The debts came to 600 million lei in several months only as the normative framework was not adjusted to the negotiated contract. This debt was collected not due to all the consumers but we all need to pay it. We also see how gas is being purchased from Gazprom at a higher price for being stored. In accordance with the new formula, from October we should pay US$1,000. It is clear why they now buy gas at the price of US$1,800. PPPDA realizes that the whole Cabinet cannot be dismissed ahead of winter because such problems are not solved but replacements are needed in the responsible areas. Spînu does not cope. Gaibu does not cope. We see sabotage on the part of Moldovagaz. But everyone ignores the made mistakes,” Dinu Plîngău stated in the talk show “Résumé” on RliveTV channel.

The representatives of the government noted that the Cabinet members are regularly requested to account for their deeds in the meetings of the PAS parliamentary group and there are no objections to the work done by Deputy Premier Spînu. The Ministry of Infrastructure efficiently manages the energy crisis.

“Gazprom showed that it is not a predictable partner not only to Moldova, but also to other states. For October, we have gas reserves and would not need to import. The situation is difficult but the people will definitely not get frozen inside their homes. As to Mister Spînu, we saw that the opposition forces chose particular victims and level all the criticism at these persons who are subject to public lynching and this makes governance more difficult. This is done in order to reduce confidence in government. The formula negotiated by Mister Spînu, which is criticized by everyone, actually halves the gas price. It’s not true that the minister does not do anything. The Ministry of Infrastructure prepared very well for the coming winter based on the existing options,” said PAS MP Andrian Cheptonar.

On Friday, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu said that Moldovagaz received confirmation from Gazprom for 5.7 million cubic meters of gas per day to be supplied in October, for both sides of the Nistru River, of the expected 8.06 million. It is the same situation as last October, when gas supplies were cut by 30%.

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