PAS MP: Any pro-European candidate wouldn’t have had chances in Gagauzia

Any pro-European candidate without connection to local clans wouldn’t have had chances to win the gubernatorial election in Gagauzia, said PAS MP Dan Perciun, explaining why the government didn’t provide a candidate for the election. For their part, representatives of the extraparliamentary opposition said the Party of Action and Solidarity should have fielded a candidate for that election so as to transmit pro-European messages to the citizens in Gagauzia, IPN reports.

The chairman of the Party of Change Ștefan Gligor said it is strange that the election in Gagauzia was validated after reasonable suspicions of voter corruption and illegal campaign funding were made public. Such developments show that the law enforcement agencies are unable to cope with the illegalities committed by representatives of the Shor Party. 

“When there are suspicions of acts of corruption, these should be probed. If those frauds significantly influenced the election results, the election should have been invalidated. The fact that the election wasn’t nullified shows that the government is too weak and the situation at the law enforcement agencies is deplorable. It is the duty of the SIS, which knows that criminal groupings in our country have worked unrestrictedly since 2019 and influence politics in the Republic of Moldova, to intervene in cooperation with PCCOCS,” Ștefan Gligor stated in the program “Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

In the same connection, the member of the Civic Congress Party Iurie Muntean accused the government of treating with superiority the voters in Gagauzia after the PAS refused to propose a candidate for the election in Gagauzia.

“The Civic Congress Party considers that the Shor Party is a criminal group that significantly damaged political culture. The ruling party’s elitist position that the people in Gagauzia do not know and do not realize anything is strange as thousands of people from Gagauzia in 2020 voted for Maia Sandu. Why didn’t the ruling party provide a candidate? It could have at least stimulate electoral competition there and come with a new agenda to at least enlighten the population,” stated Iurie Muntean.

“No electoral offer in Gagauzia was democratic, in favor of the rule of law. There was the representative of an organized criminal group, a representative who promoted the interests of Caramalac, which is of another group of bandits, and a representative of the Russian Representative in Gagauzia. So, the three candidates with real chances in Gagauzia represented either a terrorist state or a criminal grouping. We should not have illusions as there was powerful identity affiliation, a clearly pronounced geopolitical option and local clans that monopolized the power in Gagauzia. Any candidate with moderate pro-European orientation without connection to the local clans wouldn’t have had chances,” PAS MP Dan Perciun said in reply.

On May 22, the Comrat Appeals Court validated the outcome of the Bashkan election held in Gagauzia, confirming the Shor Party’s representative Yevgenia Guțul as the winner.

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