Party of Socialists split over usurpation of power by raider attack, Valentin Krylov

A split occurred inside the Party of Socialists of Moldova (PSRM) between the veterans and the  newer members of the party led by chairman Igor Dodon. The split was institutionalized in the May 29 meeting of the party’s National Council, where the creation of a distinct ideological platform was announced. Secretary of the patty’s executive and one of the coordinators of the newly created platform Valentin Krylov provided details about the issue to IPN.

Valentin Krylov said the decision to form the platform was based on the conclusion that the party is exposed to a raider attack and an attempt to usurp the power, which was reached by about one third of the Council’s members.

“In accordance with the party’s statutes, the immediate formation of the socialist platform “Patria – Rodina” was announced in the meeting. The platform was signed by almost 40% of the members of the Council and managers of second-level organizations of the party,” sated Valentin Krylov.

Valentin Krylov, Alexei Gorodinskii (both members of the first legislatures of Moldova and signatories of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) and Fiodor Gagauz were elected coordinators of the platform. “The platform’s goal is to protect the party from usurpation of power and influence from outside, from political and financial bankruptcy,” said the founder of the party.

“The platform creation declaration is open for signing by other members of the Council and organizations of the party. The return to the phrase “Patria-Rodina” means that the party’s founders and the old members who consider themselves true Socialists will show the door to the new members who are headed by Igor Dodon,” stated Valentin Krylov.  

He confirmed that the split took place in the meeting where the PSRM was to formulate its position on the voting of the Leanca Government in Parliament today. Accord to Valentin Krylov, the discussions on the agenda failed because the wing led by Igor Dodon came with the decision ready prepared and accepted no other opinions and positions. The initiators of the platform informed about their intentions and left the meeting. “Thus, the decision not to vote for the Leanca Cabinet was taken by Igor Dodon’s group,” he stated.

According to a communiqué issued after the meeting of the PSRM’s National Council, the decision not to give a vote of confidence to the Lenaca Government was taken by a majority of votes.

The PSRM is the successor of the first Socialist party of Moldova, founded about 20 years ago. 

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