Party of Law and Justice will promote economic model that will favor local production

The Party of Law and Justice aims to revitalize the national economy. Expert in finance Mariana Durleșteanu, candidate No. 1 on the party’s list, in a news conference at IPN said the party intends to implement a socioeconomic model suitable for Moldova, which should be digitized so that the decisions are taken swiftly and bureaucracy is avoided. “We will promote an economic model that will favor local production by transfer of technology and encouragement of exports,” stated the candidate.

“We will decide where to take money from for each of the area,” said Mariana Durleşteanu. She noted the citizens eligible to vote will decide the quality of life for the next four years. “If you want to have a nice life, the choice should be in favor of the Party of Law and Justice,” she stated, adding that after 30 years of the country’s independence, the party has the chance to deliver concrete results and nice things.

The candidate called on all the political players to avoid reciprocal denigration. “The Party of Law and Justice will conduct a correct, honest and modest campaign. We will prove that politics on small amounts is possible,” assured Mariana Durleșteanu.

The Party of Law and Justice announced that it comes with a modest team with a modest behavior that does not intend to go from village to village to beg or to spend ill-gotten gains, presenting these as donations for the party. The party’s electoral program envisions order and discipline in all the areas. When they enter Parliament, the party’s candidates will revitalize the national economy and will build an economic model that will generate a strong economy and sustainable development. They will simultaneously make effort to root out corruption that prevents the Republic of Moldova from attracting investments and from developing at the economic and social levels.

The party entered its election campaign with the slogan “Restarting Moldova!” with a team of 56 candidates formed according to the principle of quality, not quantity.

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