Party of Law and Justice: We plead for liquidating districts councils

The reformation of the justice sector by excluding corrupt people from the system, the reformation of the local public administration by liquidating district councils and massive investments in education and the health system are among the priorities of the Party of Law and Justice led by ex-minister of finance Mariana Durleșteanu and by general Nicolae Alexei. According to the party‘s representative, the Republic of Moldova needs to fully reorganize all the areas of activity. For these objectives to be achieved, professionals and upright people must come to power, IPN reports.

In the third electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021”, staged by IPN, the representative of the Party of Law and Justice said the priorities of his prtty are to modernize education, the heath system, economic development and the reform of the public administration.

“Education and youth are our priorities. A state without education, without educated children is doomed to failure. Health and social protection are another priority of ours. Investments in the health system haven’t been made, the hospitals haven’t been modernized and the pandemic as a result caused thousands of deaths,” stated the candidate for MP.

According to Vasile Ceban, as long as the Republic of Moldova does not insist on the rooting out of corruption, the county will not attract foreign investors and will not be able to develop its economy.

“We want justice to be reformed by making sure that those whom come to politics are upright. It’s time to clean the judiciary. Our European partners allocated millions of euros for the justice sector reform, but no effect was produced. They simulated particular processes, repaired buildings and that’s all. The Party of Law and Justice aims to do the justice sector reform by bringing professionals and upright persons to the system as the investors need stability,” stated   Vasile Ceban.

At economic level, the party aims to promote the national products, to introduce new technologies to agricultures and to encourage exports. The party runs under the slogan “Restarting Moldova” as the state of affairs is deportable in all the sections. The team aims to revitalize all the areas and to start to build a Moldova free from corruption, to develop industry and improve the living conditions of citizens.

In the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, the Party of Law and Justice will be under No. 16 on the ballot.

The third electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021”
also involved the representatives of the Alliance for the Union of Romanians and the Party of Law and Justice Vlad Biletski and Vasile Ceban.

IPN’s fourth electoral debate set for July 2, 11:15am, will feature the election contenders Electoral Bloc “RENATO USATÎI”, the Building Europe at Home Party “PACE” and the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists.

IPN Agency stages the electoral debates as part of the series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates”, with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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