Parliament to adopt statement condemning Russia for illegal deportation of Ukrainian children

The PAS group registered in Parliament a statement condemning the genocidal policy of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, carried out through forced displacement and deportation of Ukrainian children to the temporarily occupied territories of Russia and to Russia, announced Parliament Deputy Speaker Doina Gherman, IPN reports.

“We are at the end of the school year, close to the International Children’s Day. We rejoice at the peace and security in which our children live with their parents. We also celebrate the successes and achievements of our children. But the children in the neighboring country, in Ukraine, daily face absolutely harsh realities, provoked by an unjust war. Since February 24, 2022, the war provoked by the Russian Federation has brought death, pain and the displacement to millions of Ukrainian families. In particular, we attest crimes against Ukrainian children, which have become a terrible reality,” Doina Gherman told a press conference.

The MP referred to the official information of the Ukrainian authorities. According to this, 537 children were killed, 1,275 children were injured, 2,067 children were officially listed as missing, 19,546 children were abducted by the aggressor state and approximately 260,000 children were forcibly displaced.

The statement condemning Russia’s genocidal policy against Ukraine, carried out through the forced displacement and deportation of Ukrainian children to the temporarily occupied territory and to Russia, is to be voted in the plenary sitting of Parliament. “Through this statement, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova declares that the denial of the existence of the Ukrainian nation, along with all the inhumane policies applied by the Russian Federation towards children in Ukraine, falls under the definition of genocide, according to Article 2, letter E, of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide,” said Doina Gherman.

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