Parliament takes break until Thursday

The first sitting of Parliament was suspended until July 29 at the suggestion of PAS MP Igor Grosu and was supported by his mates who left the sitting, IPN reports.

“In the name of the MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity, I suggest announcing a break. Even if the Parliament’s regulations provide that the groups are formed and the administrative bodies are elected during ten days, we suggest taking decisions about the nominal composition of the commissions, heads, deputy heads, secretaries, members of the Standing Bureau and returning to the sitting on Thursday, at 10am,” stated Igor Grosu.

After the proposal was formulated, the PAS group left the assembly hall.

Socialist MP Vlad Batrîncea criticized the PAS group’s proposal to take a break until Thursday. “It was noted that Parliament should work. You also promised that we will work actively. You called this sitting not for presenting once again your electoral platform. We came to the Parliament sitting to work, to choose the administrative bodies of Parliament and to examine subjects that are awaited by society,” he stated.

The sitting’s chair, the oldest MP Eduard Smirnov, announced a break until 10am. “Our parliamentary majority decided to break the Parliament’s regulations and left the hall. A minority of MPs remained. If someone wants to make statements, you are welcome. A break is announced until Thursday, 10am,” he stated.

Three political entities entered the new Parliament, namely the Party of Action and Solidarity with 63 seats, the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists with 32 seats, and the Shor Party with six seats.

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