Parliament gives first reading to law to raise retirement age

As of January 1, 2022, the standard retirement age for men will be 63, while the full insurance period will be 34 years. The standard retirement age of 63 for women will start to be applied on July 1, 2028, while the full insurance period of 34 years will begin to be used on July 1, 2024. Until then, the retirement age and the insurance period will rise gradually. The bill to amend the law on the public pension system was given a first reading and was adopted by the votes of 56 MPs, IPN reports.

The new rules restore the system for increasing the retirement age set in 2018.

The standard retirement age diminished by three years will be applied in the case of women who gave birth to and raised up to the age of eight five and more children. The retirement age will be also lowered for persons who worked in special conditions for at least ten full years. The list of jobs for which old-age pension is provided in advantageous conditions is approved by the Government.

Early old-age pension is granted to persons who paid social insurance contributions for five years longer than the standard insurance period in the case of men and for three years longer in the case of women.

The minimum pension will be annually set by the Government and this will be equal at least to the minimum pension of the previous year. The pensions will be indexed once a year, on April 1, and the indexation coefficient will depend on the inflation rate for the year preceding the indexation year. There will be a pension rise coefficient of 50% of the real economic growth the previous year. This will be provided annually in a fixed amount on April 1.

Those entitled to pensions can file an application electronically through or

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the average old-age pension on January 1, 2021 was 2,067.6 lei. The average old-age pension for men was 2,409.3 lei, as opposed to 1,919.9 lei for women. The gender disparity in the case of old-age pensions represents 20.3%.

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