Parliament confirms three SCM members

The legislative body appointed three members of the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) from among non-judges. These are Tatiana Ciaglic, Alexandru Postica and Ion Guzun. The Bloc of Communists and Socialists didn’t vote for the three candidates, IPN reports.

The head of the commission for appointments and immunities Olesea Stamate said that Parliament examined the files to see if the candidates are eligible and then transmitted them to the pre-vetting commission for consideration. Three of the candidates passed the pre-vetting commission’s integrity test and the commission for appointments and immunities held interviews to select the candidates for the post of SCM member who obtained the highest score as a result of the interview stage.

Answering MPs’ questions, Tatiana Ciaglic said the meetings of the SCM should continue to be public, recorded and posted on the website for being accessible to everyone. The agenda of the meetings and the draft decisions should also be made public and a direct method of communication with the citizens and the judiciary should be established.

Alexandru Postica said that he has rich experience in representing victims at the European Court of Human Rights that often ascertains abuses committed against the citizens. Judges’ capacities to argue decisions should be strengthened, judicial practices should be standardized and the best solutions should be identified for disciplining the judges so as to prevent such abuses as those made public today.

Ion Guzun noted that as a member of the SCM, he aims to primarily contribute to easing the tension inside the judicial system. The mechanism for assessing the judges should be improved, while the promotion of judges should be based strictly on merit.

In his speech, Socialist MP Vasile Bolea said that the blame for the situation in the judicial system is borne by everyone – the judges, the political class and the parliamentary majority that, in its wish to subdue the judiciary, made many mistakes. “The judicial system indeed needs to be reformed, but discussions should be held with the judges, dear mates. Like it or not but they repressed a part of the country’s elite and they should not be blamed and labeled,” stated the MP.

The three members of the Superior Council of Magistracy are named for a six-year term.

The SCM consists of six judges who are elected by secret vote by the General Assembly of Judges and of six non-judge members who are designated by Parliament. The General Assembly of Judges hasn’t yet chosen the SCM members from among judges as the meeting set for March 17 was suspended until April 28.

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