“Parlamentul-90”: Lack of common sense and harming of national dignity

The offensive statements of Premier Chicu, who heads Moldova’s Parliament, in relation to the Government of Romania and officials of the European Union not only defy common sense, but also violate sacred general-human values, harm the national dignity of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, bring serious moral and political damage at foreign and national levels to the Republic of Moldova as a state, says a Statement signed by Alexandru Arseni, author of the draft Sovereignty Statement and a member of the commission for drafting the Constitution, in the name of a large group of members of the first democratic Parliament of the Republic of Moldova (legislature 1990-1994), which proclaimed the Independence of the Republic of Moldova.

“The recent reply of Prime Minister Ion Chicu is not only an insult to Romanian MEP Siegfried Mureșan, but also defies the content of the European Parliament’s Report for the Republic of  Moldova, which shows the failures of the Socialist Moldovan government and warns once again about the non-fulfillment of the undertaken commitments to unblock a new tranche of the European financial support,” runs the Statement that is quoted by IPN.

According to the Statement, the Premier shows complete lack of common sense and made a really scandalous gesture from diplomatic viewpoint, which is also denigrating and unacceptable in relation to Romania. “These statements are even more regrettable as they come only several days after the completion of the mission of a team of Romanian volunteer doctors who, amid the medical, economic and social collapse, struggled hand in hand with doctors of the Republic of Moldova for saving human lives, while Romania provided, absolutely disinterestedly, substantial assistance to the citizens from the left side of the Prut,” wrote Alexandru Arseni

He noted this is not for the first time that Prime Minister Ion Chicu uses sarcastic and denigrating formulations in relation of the European Union and its officials. “While serving as adviser to President Dodon, he published an insulting and absolutely undiplomatic text concerning the development partners,” stated Alexandru Arseni.

Also, the group of members of the first democratic Parliament reminds Prime Minister Ion Chicu that in accordance with the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova of August 27, 1991, the Republic of Moldova established diplomatic relations with the states of the word, including Romania and the European Union, based on the international law norms. By developing these values in the preamble of the Constitution, it is confirmed the wish of Chisinau to live in harmony with all the peoples of the world according to the unanimously recognized principles and norms of the international law.

“We express our profound indignation, condemnation and dissociate ourselves from the irresponsible attitude of Premier Chicu. Such statements are incompatible with the post of Prime Minster of the Government of the Republic of Moldova,” said the members of the first democratic Parliament.

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