Parents ask to annul online learning due to absence of necessary conditions

A group of parents demand that online learning should be annulled and the educational process in classrooms should be resumed. The parents addressed a letter to the chairman of the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission, acting Prime Minister Aureliu Ciocoi, and to Ombudswoman for Children’s Rights Maia Bănărescu. The letter says the switchover to online learning can be ensured only if all the students and teachers are provided with computers, while the parents are paid allowances. In the absence of the conditions needed in this process, such a decision is irresponsible and represents lack of responsibility and mimicking of the educational process, IPN reports.

The signatories of the petition, members of the Public Association “Solidary Parents”, warn that while the schools are closed, the churches, public eating places, bars, markets and other public places remain open, while the public transport is full of persons older than 60, who represent the main risk category during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If we make reference to statists, 4,073 cases of COVID-19 were recorded namely in the 60+ age category during February 15 – 26, 2021, which is 32% of all the cases. The associated deaths in the category represented about 79% of all the deaths (3,097 persons) since the start of the pandemic. In the students’ age bracket (10-20 years), only 591 cases were registered in the same period of February. This is 4.6% of all the cases of COVID-19 in the period. Also, two deaths in this age bracket were reported since the start of the pandemic,” noted the petitioners. They consider the provisions of the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission’s decision of February 26 are irrational, inefficient, unfounded and discriminatory.

The parents say the Moldovan authorities during one year of pandemic didn’t take steps to create the conditions needed to ensure high-quality and accessible distance learning. The students weren’t supplied with equipment to have high-quality access to education, the teachers were provided with computers only partially, while the parents do not benefit from work conditions adjusted to the pandemic realities and for distance learning.

The National Extraordinary Public Health Commission on February 26 decided that the educational process at public and private primary, secondary, lyceum, extra-school, technical vocational and higher education institutions during March 1-15 will be conducted online.

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