Overthrow of Sandu Government confirmed my previous warning, Vlad Plahotniuc

Former leader of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc, claims that the overthrow of the Sandu Government has confirmed his earlier warning that President Dodon will impose his own game rules, "will make Moscow a master over the Moldovan politics and will do everything in his power to concentrate the main political leverages in his hands.". He will also reorient the country's geopolitical vector from the West to Russia. "The anti-Plahotniuc stake was, in fact, a trap for the ACUM bloc, it was a pro-Russian stake," says the former PDM leader, IPN reports.

"After the fall of the Sandu Government, Moldova has no chance to follow, as before, a Euro-Atlantic development path, for the pro-European firm orientation of the last years has been seriously compromised, and the leaders of the ACUM bloc are also to blame for this geopolitical disaster”, mentioned Vlad Plahotniuc in a Facebook post.

According to him, "the lack of flexibility, the lack of strategy, including their unwillingness to have a dialogue and the hostility towards the Democrats put the leaders of the ACUM bloc at the mercy of the Socialists and led them into the wrong direction, with serious consequences for the country, first of all."

"Finally, we see today that the ACUM leaders have gone down the rabbit hole again, while the Republic of Moldova has lost, in a record time, the pro-European geopolitical profile. It is regrettable that there was a political and psychological juncture that involved the Democrats in these processes. In the situation created in the last months, by harsh reprisals against the Democratic Party, by abusively starting criminal cases, in an atmosphere of hatred, harassment and witch-hunt to which the PDM members were subjected, especially by the ACUM bloc, the Democrats voted to dismiss the Sandu Government out of a self-defense reflex, as a natural reaction of rebellion”, says the former PDM leader.

According to Vlad Plahotniuc, one must see whether the pro-Western vector of the country can be salvaged and how much effort, how much character is needed for such a political achievement under the current circumstances. "The PDM MPs represent the only and last political redoubt guaranteeing the preservation of the Association Agreement with the EU, in addition the PDM is the party that in the future can determine and ensure the restoration of the Euro-Atlantic vector of the Republic of Moldova", mentions Vlad Plahotniuc.

In the Republic of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc is investigated in a money laundering case, being wanted at international and interstate level.

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