Over 50 newspapers and journals stopped existing during past five years

The editorial offices of over 50 newspapers and journals stopped work in Moldova during the past five years owing to the situation in which the periodicals distribution sector found itself, vice director of Moldpresa Grup SRL Adrian Racu stated in a news conference at IPN.

According to the vice director, more than 50 editorial offices with which Moldpresa Grup has now contracts for the distribution of periodicals will reduce their print runs and, as a result, the consumers will not have access to information. “Even if we really want an informed society, they started to decrease the outlets selling periodicals,” stated Adrian Racu.

He noted that even if we are in the 21st century, in the information age, not all the information broadcast online can be trusted. “Even if everyone says that we have access to information, the question is to what information,” said the vice director. “Even if we witness big changes at the central and local levels, these changes have nothing to do with those who need this information.”

Moldpresa Grup SRL vice director Igor Blanari said only the consumers should decide what sources to inform themselves from. “Even if we have a decision on the distribution of periodicals, the sale of the print media, this is not respected by the district head’s offices, the public servants in general and obstacles are placed to the distributors of newspapers by compiling different contravention reports and even letters concerning removal,” he noted.

Viorel Filimon, director of Moldpres Grup SRL, said the distribution of newspapers and other periodicals is an activity with a powerful social impact and the state is obliged to guarantee it by ensuring the freedom of the press and the freedom of expression. The problems faced now by the print media appeared because the local public authorities do not want to realize the character and social impact of this activity.

Moldpres Grup SRL owns 235 kiosks situated in the municipality of Chisinau and another 11 towns in Moldova. It also runs 45 bookstores in Chisinau and another ten towns.

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