Over 3,300 cases of violence and negligence among children during six months

For the second quarter of the 2019-2020 study year, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research reported over 3,300 cases of violence, negligence and labor exploitation among children. Of these, over 1,300 are cases of physical abuse, more than 900 are cases of emotional abuse, and ten are cases of sexual abuse. There were recorded over 1,000 cases of negligence and 27 cases of labor exploitation, IPN reports.

Teachers reported 1,660 cases of abuse, while children – 830 cases.

Psychologist Ana Niculăieș has told IPN that when an adult resorts to violence, this points to own frustration that cannot be managed. “Normally, we are reasonable human beings with self-control. We should express our dissatisfaction by communication. The grownup should depict the situation and experienced emotions and should also formulate the request for the future. For example, when I ask you not to do this, but you continue to do it, I feel frustration, lack of respect for myself and thus ask you not to do this in the future,” explained the psychologist.

“The truth is not many persons are trained to communicate non-violently and it is easier for them to shake the children, pull their ear or threaten them. In the future, this violent attitude affects confidence in oneself and the child’s emotional independence. We cannot raise children properly when we do them harm.”

Ana Niculăieș noted that even if the teacher or the parent has a good intention when they use violence, the resuts is noxious. Assertive communication training seminars should be staged for children and parents. When the students use the telephone or computer during over six hours a day, they can also have a violent behavior. Some of the video games can stimulate aggressiveness.

According to the psychologist, the Ministry of Education’s statistics concerning violence among children are not conclusive as the number of cases of violence is much higher. “Physical abuse has been punished by law since 1997. It is important that the parents know that they can be held accountable for use of violence, while the teachers will be unable to work in teaching, in accordance with the Labor Code,” stated Ana Niculăieș.

Each year on January 30, Moldova marks the International School Day of Non-Violence and Peace. 

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