Out-of-country polling stations running out of ballots

The right to vote at some of the out-of-country polling stations has been realized by more than 3,000 persons at a polling station and there is a risk that the ballots will not be enough in number as one polling place was supplied with at most 5,000 ballots, Central Election Commission vice president Vladimir Șarban stated. Over 148,000 people have voted at out-of-country polling stations so far. The voters are urged to go to the polling stations where there are no lines or these are short, IPN reports.

Vladimir Șarban noted that mass mobilization is witnessed among the Transnistrian voters. About 22,000 voters have cast their ballots by now at the 42 polling stations intended for voters from the Transnistrian region, Bender municipality and some of the localities of Căușeni district.

More than 1.16 million voters or 37% of the electorate have marked their ballots so far.

According to Vladimir Șarban, in general the voting process goes smoothly, without major incidents. The voter turnout is higher than in the first round of voting.

In three localities, voting takes place in tents as no spaces for establishing polling stations could be identified there. These are: Bâc village of Bubuieci, Bogdanovca Nouă of Cimișlia and Cigârleni of Ialoveni. Sixty to 640 persons have voted there until now.

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