O.S.C.E. Mission concerned with some reactions to implementation of December 30 Joint Declaration of Moldovan and Ukrainian Premiers

The measures taken by customs and border authorities of Ukraine aim to ensure the trade over the state border of Moldova and Ukraine in a disciplined, transparent manner and in compliance with the internationally recognised standards. The OSCE Mission to Moldova salutes the efforts aimed to reach these goals, the mission has said in a communication delivered to Info-Prim Neo. According to the Moldovan authorities, the Transnistrian businesses have been provided a possibility to get registered without any costs and to obtain the documents needed to perform foreign trade operations. This OSCE Mission describes this registration system as identical with the one used in 2003-2004 and provides the opportunity to the Transnistrian businesses to work without many obstacles. The documents adopted during political negotiations on settlement of the Transnistrian conflict award certain rights to the Transnistrian region related to the establishing and maintenance of external economic relations. However, no rights absolve the Transnistrian authorities of the obligation to respect the internationally accepted standards and practices. The OSCE Mission has received an appeal from the Transnistrian authorities regarding this issue and it is in direct touch with them, trying to understand its concerns better. The mission will continue to consult actively all the sides interested to identify a rapid solution to the problems. The OSCE Mission invites the Tiraspol authorities not to obstruct the registration of Transnistrian businesses by the relevant authorities in Chisinau. This would help the insurance of a free move of goods over the border. Also, the mission invites the Transnistrian authorities not to take any actions capable to halt the freedom of move of goods and people over the state border. Finally, the mission invited all the involved sides not to take actions capable to worsen the situation, according to the communication. The Transnistrian administration has banned the introduction and withdrawal of goods from Moldova after Ukraine introduced the new regime for transit of goods at the Moldovan-Ukrainian border. The administration of the railway company of Moldova has temporarily suspended the traffic of cargo trains in the section Galati (Romania)-Reni (Ukraine)-Cainari-Revaca-Ocnita-Moghiliov-Podolisk (Ukraine).

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