Opposition and government ague over retirement age

The restoration of the previous system for raising the retirement age is a necessity imposed by the economic and demographic realities, said PAS MP Dan Perciun, who noted that the shortage of staff created a major discrepancy between the number of persons who contribute to the social insurance fund and the number of maintained persons. For his part, Socialist MP Vladimir Odnostalko criticized the government for the hurry in which this bill was adopted, saying the document was agreed with the country’s foreign partners in exchange for a loan from the IMF, IPN reports.

MP of the Party of Action and Solidarity Dan Perciun said it does not go to a rise in the retirement age. They only resumed the pension reform voted by the Filip Government as Moldova can no longer take money from the state budget for covering the shortage of state social insurance funds.

“The social insurance fund is in deficit. We each year subside this fund with state budget money and cover the gap that appears because the contributions paid by those who work cannot fully cover the costs associated with the payment of pensions. We take money from other sources that could have been used to cover other costs, such as the increase in salaries, the costs for improving the quality of education, medicine. We lost 1 million citizens who went to work abroad at a time when we face a decline in the birth rate and the ratio of employed persons to pensioners is almost 1:1. The last few years, we lost 140,000 people who contributed to the social insurance fund, but the number of pensioners remained almost the same,” Dan Perciun stated in the talk show “In Depth” on ProTV Chisinau channel.

The Socialists consider the decision to restore the old retirement system represents social genocide. Socialist MPs said the government fully ignored the voice of the citizens when it adopted this bill that hadn’t been put up for public debates.

“The issue wasn’t discussed with the Association of Pensioners, with trade unions and employers. We know that the Government is to raise a loan totaling US$564 million from the International Monetary Fund. This is a very large sum. In 2017, the PDM government also took out such a loan and the main condition then was to raise the retirement age. On January 1, 60,000 men and women were to reach retirement, but the Government deprived these people of the right to retire,” said MP of the PCRM-PSRM Bloc Vladimir Odnostalko.

As from January 1, 2022, the standard retirement age for men will be 63, while for women the retirement age will be 59 years and six months and this will be raised by sixth months each year until 2028

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