Opinion: PM Chicu’s attack will be perceived in Bucharest as imminent security threat

Romanian MP Matei Dobrovie, former Moldovan MP Iurie Țap and executive director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives Vladislav Kulminski said the last attack by Prime Minister Ion Chicu on MEP Siegfried Mureșan and on Romania is inacceptable. Iurie Țap noted the Premier’s move represents a serious departure, while Vladislav Kulminski said this attack will be perceived as an imminent security threat in Bucharest, IPN reports.

“What Mister Chicu did is a very big stupidity as there is nothing new in what Mister Mureșan said. What Siegfried Mureșan said is absolutely well-grounded. These are things about which we daily speak in the Republic of Moldova. The fact that the Prime Minister came with such an attack on a friend of the Republic of Moldova, on Romania, is foolishness because the Republic of Moldova has one ally and one friend in the current situation. I think the current Government will be regarded in Bucharest as an imminent security threat and I think this perception will be actually correct,” Vladislav Kulminski stated in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.  

He also said that Igor Dodon and Ion Chicu want to create a Russian enclave, but they will not succeed.

Former MP Iurie Țap said the Romanian MEP’s statements are substantiated and he has the power to state them in public as he is the president of the European Parliament’s Delegation to the EU – Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee

“The Republic of Moldova signed an Association Agreement that the political power, the government recognized and said they will transpose it. Mister Mureșan is the president of the European Parliament’s Delegation to the EU – Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee and it is normal that he analyzes the way in which the Association Agreement is implemented. Moreover, in November 2018, the European Parliament, reviewing the implementation of the Agreement, presented that report that was unsatisfactory for the three years of government of the Democratic Party. In this regard, Mister Mureșan fulfilled his duty as the president of the European Parliament’s Delegation.,” stated Iurie Țap.

As to the Premier’s attack and language, he said Ion Chicu should behave correctly as the indecent behavior of a Prime Minister is a very serious departure.

Romanian MP Matei Dobrovie also disapproved of the Moldovan Premier’s behavior, making reference to other non-diplomatic messages of Ion Chicu, including when Romania provided assistance to Moldova. “I refer to those doctors and nurses who travelled to the Republic of Moldova to help manage the crisis generated by the coronavirus. I refer to the protective equipment and sanitary products that Romania transported over the Prut to help the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. If you remember, Mister Chicu, in an absolutely embarrassing way for his post, said the Romanian doctors came to learn from Moldovan doctors. In other words, he minimalized the support offered by Romania. He later said that those sanitary products and protective equipment cannot be used for COVID-19. So, he said absolutely inacceptable things”.

In conclusion Vladislav Kulminski said the Moldovan Government will be removed soon owing to its bad relations with Romania and Ukraine and also with the EU.

Premier Chicu non-diplomatically rejected MEP Siegfried Mureșan’s statements concerning the way in which his Government managed the COVID-19 crisis after doing also no reforms.

The official earlier also deviated from the official communication standards, using
injurious formulas.

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