Olga Goncharova: Moldova does not have state development agenda

Currently, Moldova does not have a state development agenda, considers the head of the Peoples’ Assembly of Moldova Olga Goncharova. In IPN’s public debate “Current place of European integration on Moldova’s sociopolitical agenda”, she stated that what we have now looks like a children’s sand game: today we build a castle; tomorrow we make pies and then little boats.

“The chaotic, Brownian movement is present in politics and also in the economy,” said Olga Goncharova, noting that the health crisis worsens further the situation.

“The Chicu Government easily and non-embarrassingly removed the support for small and medium-sized businesses from the list of values. In any country, this sector should represent not less than 60% of the real sector of the economy. In our country, they forgot about this sector during the crisis,” argued the expert.

From her viewpoint, the businessmen can only envy their mates from other countries where the state takes care of the people who form its population. “I don’t think that something like this is possible now in our country. In the current conditions, I do not see that political elite that would initiate and manage the real development of the country. Even if they exist, they are not visible and it means that they do not have political experience,” stated Olga Goncharova.

She believes that Moldova hasn’t yet realized that the country as part of the partnership with the EU can utter its problems and can move towards real solutions. “As a result, we have a poor country, instability and an uncertain investment climate, while the narcissismand conviction of the representatives of the power that they will not be punished only multiply the negative signals,” noted the expert.

The public debate “Current place of European integration on Moldova’s sociopolitical agenda” forms part of the project “Overcoming of European Integration Stereotypes through Communication” that is implemented with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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