Oleg Țulea: Persons who got stuck in EU experience legal problems

The Moldovan citizens who got stuck in EU member states, especially on the border between Ukraine and Romania, are citizens who experience legal problems. According to Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Oleg Țulea, the given persons violated the legal regime of stay in the European Union, IPN reports.

“There are many citizens who got stuck on the border between Hungary and Romania. I understood that this problem was probably treated superficially by those who didn’t wonder why all the Moldovan citizens transit freely Romania, while a particular number of citizens got stuck. The answer is evident. The persons who got stuck at those border crossing points stayed longer than allowed in the EU. They face bans imposed by different states in the EU – Italy, the Czech Republic - not recently, but half a year ago or a year ago. This way, these citizens could not cross Hungry, which is the last state in the Schengen Areas, given that they appeared marked with read in the system of the border police,” Oleg Țulea stated in the talk show “Fourth Power” on N4 TV channel.

The official said this problem could have been solved by those who knew that they violated the regime of stay in the EU by asking for information from the embassies in the countries in which they stayed.

“When they set off, these citizens could have asked the authorities of the country that imposed the ban what solutions are there for them to return home. There were many cases when the Moldovans, being unable to return home, stayed longer than 90 days. Indulgent measures were asked for all the requests made in the period so as to extend the legal stay period for the reason that they cannot return home,” added the official.

Oleg Țulea noted that three Moldovans died because of COVID-19 outside the county. A number of Moldovans abroad died because of other reasons.

“Outside the country, we have Moldovans who died in Italy, Spain and in the EU in general. It is difficult to transport the bodies to the Republic of Moldova. If they are brought by road, the transportation to the Republic of Moldova is problematic for us. We solve the problems one by one and transport them home by plane. We are making every effort to bring them, but it is very hard,” he stated.

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