Oleg Serebrian: A new state is about to be created

There is a feeling that in 2008, certain projects, which are now kept secret, are paving the way for a new state, actually for the third term in office of “someone”, stated Oleg Serebrian, the leader of the Social Liberal Party (PSL), at a news conference on Monday, February 4, Info-Prim Neo reports. The fragmentation of the Opposition, the pressures put on the media, the efforts to break up with Romania – all could culminate at the same time, most likely in the summer, when all the people are going out on vacation, the PSL leader said. According to Serebrian, the 2009 parliamentary elections are prepared on the basis of a project focusing on Transnistria, and despite its utmost importance for Moldova these moves are concealed by the country’s leadership and the security services. An extra argument in support of this supposition, Serebrian said, is the veil of secrecy over the recent visit paid by President Vladimir Voronin to Moscow. The few statements, extremely chary of details, may arouse speculations about what was discussed there, said Serebrian, adding “there’s something queer about the assurances given by the president and other top officials that the Transnistrian conflict would be settled this year. Another questionable issue is Voronin’s statement about him wanting Transnistrian MPs to join Moldova’s Parliament next year. The thing by itself is not alarming; the question is: at what costs will this happen?” At the same time Serebrian stated that the efforts to keep the relations between Chisinau and Bucharest tense are not a simple electoral trick. It becomes very clear that by spoiling the relationship with Romania, Moldova tries to prove Russia that it is ready to change the course of its foreign policy, that it could renounce the privileged relations with the EU, and that many things could be reconsidered. So, what we see here is most probably a shift in Moldova’s foreign policy, Serebrian concluded.
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