Oleg Pruteanu has been detained for 25 months in a row, without a sentence, lawyer

Lawyer Ala Raevschi claims the information of the Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Cases that Oleg Pruteanu has been detained on September 20, 2019 is false. According to her, in fact, Pruteanu has not been released in 2018, as prosecutors say, but is in continuous detention for 25 months, without a sentence. At an IPN press conference, Ala Raevschi has said that law enforcement authorities are making a scapegoat of Oleg Pruteanu, accusing him of drug trafficking.

"Pruteanu was not de facto released in 2018. He came out of the penitentiary and was immediately handcuffed. The same INI and PCCOCS officers who were present on October 1, 2017 were there, without presenting an arrest warrant or other documents. They handcuffed him, forced him into a car with unidentified plate numbers, without showing their identity documents, and left into an unknown direction," specified the lawyer, who claims to have video evidence in this regard. Then, on October 5, 2018, the defence lawyer says, Pruteanu was placed in a basement of Penitentiary no. 13. On September 20, this year, he was going to be released, because the prosecutor's request was no longer prolonged but just as he was leaving the penitentiary a new order dated September 20 arrived.

"I realized that during the last years, especially in the last two years, the PCCOCS and INI authorities have only pretended to fight drug trafficking in the Republic of Moldova in the case of Pruteanu. They are fabricating cases against innocent people, for the only purpose of distracting the public attention from the real criminals”, declared Ala Raevschi. "The country is in danger, the population’s health is in danger, because drugs continue to circulate under the cover of law enforcement authorities. They found a scapegoat and continue to do what they used to do,” said Ala Raevschi.

The lawyer states that any person accused of having committed a crime is presumed innocent as long as his guilt has not been established in a public and fair trial. "I would like to ask you, dear media representatives, has anyone ever, officially, shown you a sentence by which citizen Oleg Pruteanu was convicted as organizer of a criminal group, as a thief in law, as a group leader or maybe other conclusive evidence that would confirm what the representatives of the criminal prosecution bodies are gradually inculcating you? And not only you, but also representatives of other states,” the lawyer noted.

The defence lawyer has said that in the latest information published by the PCCOCS it is mentioned that the Moldovan authorities have taken over the criminal prosecution from the authorities of the Russian Federation. "But the purpose of this posted information is to mislead public opinion, and also to indirectly influence the judicial authorities in order to maintain Oleg Pruteanu’ s unjustified arrest of over two years, the law being violated in the most flagrant way," mentioned Ala Raevschi. According to her, the case file from the Russian Federation, in fact, has been for a long time in the Republic of Moldova.

"They created such a " brand " named Borman and subsume under it all kinds of nonsense. I want to know why so many people are forced to give false testimony against Pruteanu. And now I am going to tell you what was their intention - after two years, 24 months, there is no proof - people have started to speak up that they are being pressured to testify against Pruteanu,” says the lawyer.

The lawyer also specified that she had sent requests to the interim prosecutor general, but also to the president of the country and the Parliament in order for them to be notified ex officio on this case.

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