Official reserve assets make up over $3 billion

Official reserve assets totaled $3 014.03 million at the end of October. The figure has increasing by $72.03 million compared to September 30, 2019, according to National Bank of Moldova data.

The increase of official reserve assets was determined by the appreciation of the exchange rates of the component currencies of the foreign exchange reserves against the dollar - $24.39 million. Additionally, it was influenced by the registration of the first loan installment for the Ministry of Finance disbursed by the European Commission, on behalf of the EU, under the macro-financial assistance program - US $22.05 million. Another contributing factor was the registration of grants for budget support for the Ministry of Finance from the European Commission, on behalf of the EU - $15.94 million.

Net foreign exchange interventions on the domestic market also led to an increase in assets - $15.00 million, as well as net inflows related to the obligatory reserves of foreign banks - $5.02 million. The BNM data also shows revenues from the management of foreign exchange reserves - 4.05 million dollars and net income to the Credit Line Directorate account - 3.70 million US dollars. The increase in assets was also determined by the registration of credits and grants for the Ministry of Finance for investment projects - US $3.20 million, as well as the reassessment of securities held in the investment portfolio - US $0.76 million.

Additionally, during the reporting period, the decrease of official reserve assets was determined by the payments related to the external public debt service of the Republic of Moldova - $16.38 million and by the payments of the Ministry of Finance - $5.90 million.

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