Octavian Ţîcu says that he is most concerned with the fate of the historical centre of the capital

Octavian Ţîcu, a candidate on behalf of the National Unity Party for the position of mayor of Chisinau, says that the fate of the historical centre of the capital will be a primary concern for him, IPN reports.

At a press conference, the candidate has said that the city of Chisinau does not have such an ancient history. The first mayor was elected in 1817 and since then it has had 58 mayors. The visual identity of Chisinau was built in all the reference periods: imperial, Romanian, Soviet. Each of these periods had its own contribution, but also its own destruction of the previous legacies.

Octavian Ţîcu argues that the historical centre of the capital, which covers areas from three sectors, not only refers to our memory, but can also become a tourist attraction. The historical centre of Chisinau registered almost a thousand monuments in the Register of Monuments of 1993. However almost a hundred of them do not exist anymore, as they have been destroyed.

Octavian Ţîcu states that he wants to provide a distinct legal entity to the historical centre, with a special status and special laws. "Many of these buildings could become emblematic tourist sights, even if many of them are unknown," said Octavian Ţîcu.

Octavian Ţîcu is number 16 on the ballot.

Round-up of electoral events for October 1, 2019.

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