Oazu Nantoi: It goes to risks, not to concessions

The PAS’s and PPDA’s decision to support a Socialist candidate for Parliament Speaker means not concessions, but rather risks, MP of the Bloc ACUM Oazu Nantoi was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Emphasis on today” on TVR Moldova channel.

“We realize the risks, but cannot push the country towards snap elections. Society does not want such a development,” he stated, noting a coalition between the PSRM and PDM wasn’t formed the next day after elections namely because such a variant didn’t suit Moscow.

Political commentator Igor Volnitski said the PAS’s decision was surprising, but can be explained. The party could have adopted a purely strategic approach as it felt it was being excluded from the political game. “They intervened and slightly changed the data of the problem, forcing the issue and making the other big political players to take attitude,” he stated. According to the commentator, it is evident that the PAS moves to another level of the political struggle and tries to lay emphasis on analysis and political strategy, which is good.

Igor Volnitski also said that they could discuss a change of strategy inside the Bloc ACUM and the members of the PPDA didn’t accept this change. The PAS had thus to force the issue in this case. “The PPDA in general aligned itself to the position stated by the PAS, specifying particular aspects and imposing particular conditions,” stated the commentator.

Journalistic Vitalie Călugăreanu said we have witnessed crass irresponsibility on the part of the Moldovan politicians towards the people. “I think leaving the country without a de facto government during three months is irresponsibility that not many dare to display. Such an attitude should be somehow punished by the people, regardless of the inclination of the political players. We are in a very bad economic situation and the signals coming from the foreign partners confirm this, showing we are close to a serious collapse,” he stated, noting the people are witnesses to a show whose scrip was written long before.

The Political Bloc ACUM invited again the Party of Socialists to continue the dialogue in the evening of June 6 or in the morning of June 7 in the Parliament Building at 8:30am. The entity noted the invitation was issued following the decisions assumed by the National Political Councils of the two constituent parties of the Bloc ACUM – PAS and PPDA.

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