Number of newborns last year 7.9% down on 2018

As many as 32,000 children were born in 2019, a decrease of 2,700 or 7.9% on 2018, the National Bureau of Statistics has said. The birthrate declined from 12.9 live births per 1,000 people to 12 live births in 2019. More than half of the newborns were boys (16,400 boys and 15,600 girls), the masculinity ratio being 105:100. The average age of the mother at the first birth in 2019 was 25.2, slightly higher than in 2018.

The fertility rate in 2019 remained the same as the previous years – 1.8 births per woman on average. Even if the total fertility rate in Moldova is relatively high, it does not reach the generation replacement level, which is of 2.1 live births of newborns per woman during the reproductive age period.

Contacted by IPN for a comment, demographer Valeriu Sainsus said the birthrate has decreased drastically. The figure of 32,000 newborns is below the reproduction rate. “The generations that enter the demographic circuit are must lower in number than those that leave the demographic circuit. The process is called demographic crisis. Besides the fact that the population does not reproduce, we also have drastic depopulation correlated with the birthrate,” he stated.

According to the demographer, excessive migration also contributes to such a situation. The birthrate has decreased drastically also because the potentially reproductive population has emigrated. There are also other causes such as sterility, which at the start of 1990 was mainly typical of women, but now persists among men. Late marriages where the probability of children being born is very low are an indirect factor.

“In fact, the population does not reproduce as the process implies two persons, but in the family we have only one child. The families with a child represent over 50%. This means that in 25 years the population could halve or decrease even more,” noted Valeriu Sainsus.

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