Number of infections with COVID-19 declines, whereas of serious cases goes up

Even if fewer infections with the novel coronavirus have been reported in the recent past, the number of serious cases has increased. The past week, these cases represented 11.1%, as against 5-6% in the first part of December 2020. Specialists of the National Public Health Agency have unfavorable forecasts about the number of infections and the pressure exerted on the health system. According to them, the number of cases will rise in the immediate period, following the winter holidays, the return home of Moldovans from risk areas and the resumption of the education process in schools.

Ștefan Gheorghiță, head of the Influenza and VRI Epidemiological Surveillance Section of the National Public Health Agency, has told IPN that the epidemiological analysis shows the number of new cases since the second part of last December until present declined.

The decline is due to a multitude of factors. One of them is the diminution of the number of persons with symptoms typical of SARS-COV-2 who go to see a doctor. Also, during December 21-24, the students studied remotely and then had the winter vacation. Many employees went on leave in the period and the presence of children in kindergartens decreased as the parents preferred to keep the children at home. The restrictive measures introduced by the authorities limited a number of activities that can involve many people.

Ștefan Gheorghiță noted the recent rise in the number of infections (808 confirmed cases on January 13) could be a consequence of the winter holidays as the people in the period went on visits and, contrary to the recommendations, spent the time in large groups. There was crowdedness also on public transport.

He said there are about 140,000 more test kits and these are enough for a rather long period of time. Another 300,000 test kits are to be bought. The authorities are waiting for the COVID-19 vaccines. The medical staff started to be trained on January 13. The lists of frontline healthcare workers who will be immunized the first are being compiled.

Ștefan Gheorghiță called on the population to be prudent and to see or call the family doctor on the first symptoms of infection, avoiding self-medication. If the state worsens, the person must call the 112 Service. The measures to prevent infection with the virus must be strictly obeyed.

Moldova so far has got 150,946 infections with the novel coronavirus. As many as 140,217 infected persons got cured.  The death toll from COVID-19 stands at 3,193.

Of the 2,334 patients with COVID-19 who are now in hospitals, 214 are in a very serious state. 42 patients were put on a ventilator.

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