Nothing was done during past four years to investigate banking fraud, PSRM

Nothing was done during past four years to investigate the banking fraud and to recover the stolen money, the Party of Socialists (PSRM) said in a statement. According to the party, the responsibility for returning the stolen funds was cynically shifted onto the people of the Republic of Moldova, including on the most vulnerable groups, such as pensioners, persons with disabilities, families with many children and one-parent families, who were obliged to return the embezzled funds during 25 years, IPN reports, quoting the statement.

“The “theft of the century” was committed in our country four years ago, when a sum equal to €1 billion was stolen from the banking system and transferred abroad. The senior administration, first of all the Government headed by Iurie Leancă, knew about the theft, but was an accomplice to this crime and deliberately kept silent so as not to prevent the people from voting for the ruling party in the parliamentary elections of November 30, 2014,” says the statement.

According to the PSRM, President Igor Dodon’s attempts to annul the abusive law that makes the repayment of the stolen funds the people’s burden was blocked by the parliamentary majority. In this regard, the PSRM declares once again its support for the President’s initiative concerning the annulment of this law.

“All the political forces that ruled then are responsible for the theft, namely the Democratic Party, the Liberal-Democratic Party and the Liberal Party and their satellites. Currently, the representatives of these parties are present both in the government – the PDM, the European People’s Party of Moldova – and in the so-called pseudo-pro-European opposition  - the bloc ACUM, whose leaders includes Maia Sandu, who formed part of the Leancă Government and voted for releasing loans to the problematic banks. The participant in the fraud Ilan Shor is also trying to implement his electoral project. We should note the political responsibility of the Party of Communists, which, knowing about the theft, formed a coalition with the PDM and PLDM and voted to name Andrian Candu Speaker of Parliament and then to invest the Kiril Gaburici Government,” reads the PSRM’s statement.

The party demands to completely investigate the banking fraud, to criminally punish all those to blame and return the money to the state budget and to confiscate their property. It reiterated that if the parties whose representatives directly or indirectly took part in the theft remain in power, an objective investigation will not be conducted, those to blame will not be punished, the stolen money will not be recovered and the people will have to further pay for this theft.

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