Nostalgia ahead of apogee. Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

“There are very serious reasons for the Moldovan Socialists and Communists to join in the automobile racing outside the call of their mates from Russia: these have anti-Romanian feelings that they cannot hide.  The truth is the bright dream of the inventor of the automobile racing, as a universal instrument for achieving the ideals, was ended by the Romanian border guards and customs officers...

Final phase of celebration of centenary of the USSR

The final phase of the celebration of the centenary of the USSR starts on December 5 and will end on December 30, 2022 with an automobile racing. Such a decision was taken a year ago at the eighth plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Parties of the former Soviet Union (UPC-PCUS). On the occasion of this anniversary, the UPC-URSS reiterated its basic objective: “In 100 years of the signing of the Treaty on the Creation of the USSR, we are to make the historic choice: either we choose to revitalize a new Soviet federation of really independent republics, on a voluntary basis, or we plead for maintaining continuous degradation of the post-Soviet “sovereign” states that are doomed to fully lose the national identity, remaining in the wildness due to the disappearance of their indigenous populations”. Evidently, the historic choice was made in favor of the first option. Respectively, the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM), as a component part of the UPC-PCUC, subscribed to the revolutionary call, undertaking to co-participate in the effecting of the historic choice – restoration of the USSR.

Said and done! As the eldest brother among the member parties of the UPC-PCUS, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) registered in the State Duma of the Russian Federation a draft decision to declare 2022 the year of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the constitution of the USSR. The argumentation was as follows:  “The USSR became the main driving force of the fight for world peace and disarmament… saved mankind from a World War III”. However, on April 18, 2022, the State Duma rejected the CPFR’s initiative. The reason was the Russian Communists’ initiative wasn’t appropriate. Speaking about world peace during the special military operation, which is about the Russian aggression against Ukraine, means showing dissidence to the regime of President Putin.

In Russia, the words peace and war were practically banned by the regime of Putin and those who pronounced or posted them were immediately arrested and convicted to long jail terms. This wasn’t the plan of the CPFR whose leader Gennady Zyuganov has supported Russia’s aggression against Ukraine from the very beginning. Respectively, the CPFR had to resign itself for a period and to look for alternative ways to celebrate the anniversary of the USSR. It probably couldn’t have been different somehow as the name of the leader of the CPFR starts with “Z” that became the symbol of the Russian aggression. Marketing, even if it is purely Communist, matters a lot in politics.

Struggle for restoration of the USSR continues...

Unlike the Russian Communists, the Moldovan Communists showed principledness and courage. The PCRM reacted very harshly to the State Duma’s refusal to declare 2022 the year of the USSR’s centenary. Immediately after it became clear that most of the components of the pro-Putin parliamentary majority from the State Duma – the groups of United Russia and A Just Russia – are nor in favor of celebrating the centenary of the USSR, the leadership of the PCRM adopted the own strategy in the struggle for the restoration of the USSR. As the mentioned Russian parties signed cooperation agreements with the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM), the leadership of the PCRM launched a furious attack on the informal leader of the PSRM Igor Dodon, reminding public opinion of the fact that the latter is an ordinary traitor and a corrupt person who loves kulyoks.

For the PCRM, it is important to show devotion to the NKVD principles and the Communist principles – a cool head, a warm heart and clean hands. In such circumstances, pursuing the declared goal, the Moldovan Communists formed a combative alliance with the Shor Party, called For a New Life. Why with the Shor Party? Because the PCRM reached the logical conclusion that the Shor Party: has a cool head – knew to rob the Moldovan banking system of US$1 billion, but any revolution needs a lot of money; has a warm heart – knows to stage hot people’s rebellions, generously remunerating the participants who are actually engaged in revolutionary work and are paid in cash; evidently, clan hands or the leader of the PCRM wouldn’t have attended the wedding party of the Shor Party’s leader. Respectively, the members of the Shor Party, the PCRM and other revolutionary parties constituted a National Salvation Committee.

Revolutionary spirit cannot be crushed...

Returning to the celebration of the USSR, we must note that the parties of the UPC-PCUS identified several extremely ingenious measures for achieving the set goal. Firstly, so as not to anger the regime of Putin - the successor of Boris Yeltsin - the administration of the UPC-PCUS in July 2022 adopted the decision to organize a children’s and youth contest entitled “USSR – a great country”, devoted to the 100th anniversary of the formation of the USSR”. What is curios is that the PCRM hasn’t been invited to form part of the organizational committee of the mentioned children’s and youth contest, probably because the PCRM was busy with the revolutionary project For a New Life.

However, the administration of the UPC-PCUS expressed its concern about the pressure exerted by the Moldovan government on the PCRM and urgedthe leaders of the brotherly Communist parties, Communist MPs of the legislative bodies to use more the rostrums of the international forums, the possibilities of the mass media and the resources of the internet to attract the international community’s attention to the political repression against the Communists and the supporters of these so as to extend the solidarity front with the Communist parties of Ukraine, the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics, Transnistria, the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova”. It is strange but, instead of insisting on the fulfillment of the task of restoring the USSR, the UPC-PCUS lowered the revolutionary mission, urging to use the political instrument of bourgeois democracies to attract the international community’s attention...?!

But we should not hurry to draw conclusions. Later, on November 21, 2022, there was taken a really unordinary decision – to start to celebrate the centenary of the USSR on December 5, when the Stalinist constitution was adopted, in 1936. This is not at all accidental as in only a year, under the Stalinist constitutional framework, there was launched the great terror that led to the destruction in corpore of the Bolshevik elite, with dictatorship being established, but not of the proletariat, according to the Marxist-Leninist theory, but of the Stalinist nomenclature. The UPC-PCUS offers us interesting prospects – oscillation from the use of bourgeois democracy methods to the use of Stalinist methods.

But we should not exaggerate. Let’s admit that it goes to a dialectical approach. We convince ourselves that this is so when we learn what the climax of the action to celebrate the centenary of the USSR is – a three-week automobile racing on the territory of Russia and the occupied regions of Ukraine, Georgia etc. The plan is almost genial! The thousands of citizens who will follow the column of automobiles carrying Soviet flags, being nostalgic for the USSR, will perceive the importance of the moment and will ask to restore the Soviet empire. We will yet see if the Moldovan Communists, together with the Shor Party members and the Socialists, will join this initiative of the Russian Communists and will organize the own automobile racing here, in the Republic of Moldova. Not a long period of time remained yet!       


The approaching climax of the celebration of the USSR’s centenary considerably fuels the nostalgia for the Soviet empire. However, it is extremely curios to see that not the Leninist or Stalinist methods, but those of the great combiner Ostap Bender are the most popular among the nostalgic and Communist leaders from the UPC-PCUS for restoring the Soviet empire. The latter wasn’t Communist and even exploited the Soviet nomenclaturist vices. Bender’s solution for a very narrow branch – the fight with the impassible roads for organizing the automobile racing - became universal. That’s why it is not at all accidental that the UPC-PCUS resorts to the remedy of the great Ostap Ibrahimovic for restoring the USSR.

Even if the automobile racing is the perfect solution, there is yet a thorny question. Shall the motor column be formed of Soviet cars or of foreign cars made in capitalist countries? The question is not trivial. The problem is, if the convoys are formed of Soviet cars, these could break down on the road and would not reach the destination, thwarting the whole plan. This would persuade the nostalgic citizens that the restoration of the USSR is actually sheer madness. That’s why the column should consist of cars made by capitals: German, Japanese, French, Italian, American or even Chinese. Ultimately, Ostap Bender himself, in his rallies, used an American Studebaker. In fact, the Moldovan Communists and Socialists have long used only automobiles, domestic appliances, clothing and other goods made in capitalist states.

There are very serious reasons for the Moldovan Socialists and Communists to join in the automobile racing outside the call of their mates from Russia: these have anti-Romanian feelings that they cannot hide.  The truth is the bright dream of the inventor of the automobile racing, as a universal instrument for achieving the ideals, was ended by the Romanian border guards and customs officers.

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