Nicu Popescu: Moldova is a calm state in a turbulent geopolitical region

The Republic of Moldova is in a turbulent geopolitical region. “If we look at the whole Eastern neighborhood of the European Union, at the other countries of the Eastern Partnership, we see that practically all our partners in this region go through crisis situations. These are acute crises. The Republic of Moldova also experiences difficulties, but the situation in our country is calmer than in any other state of the Eastern Partnership,” Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu stated in a news conference, being quoted by IPN. He noted that one of the major goals of the foreign policy at this stage is to keep this calmness around our country and relative calmness inside the country.

Nicu Popescu admitted that Moldova faces difficult situations, but the security environment in our country is relatively calm against the military crises in Eastern Ukraine and Southern Caucasus, on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan or against the international migrant crisis between Belarus and Poland. Keeping quietness so that the Republic of Moldova can make progress in doing reforms, in fighting corruption, in strengthening the state institutions is one of the main goals of the Moldovan foreign policy.

The Europeans integration is among the top priorities of Moldova’s foreign policy. The current Government managed to break the stalemate and to stimulate a number of processes related to Moldova’s rapprochement with the EU. The rather intense dialogue with Romania also forms part of these processes. “We have very ambitious joint projects regarding transport, energy interconnection that are designed to strengthen the strategic partnership relations,” stated Nicu Popescu.

The Moldovan diplomatic service is also strengthening the dialogue with Ukraine, which is dynamic and positive and covers a number of joint projects, opportunities to develop common infrastructure.

The relationship with the Russian Federation is based on a calm, pragmatic, respectful dialogue through which Moldova promotes its interests.

Also, the official Chisinau has a very intense dialogue with the U.S., which is a strategic partner.

“We aim to achieve concrete results and the diplomatic service should bring concrete benefits to the citizens. In this regard, we have a number of initiatives, including to liberalize roaming with our neighbors Romania and Ukraine and with the EU members states, Turkey. We are making effort to obtain instant recognition of our driver’s licenses”,” noted Nicu Popescu.

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