Nicu Popescu: Joining EU is only way of keeping peace and democracy

The risks to Moldova’s security cannot materialize for now, said Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicu Popescu, Deputy Prime Minister. He expressed his optimist that the pro-European government in Chisinau will manage, with the support of the foreign partners, to maintain peace and democracy in the Republic of Moldova. The official noted he is sure that if Moldova had been governed by pro-Russian forces, Russia would have been used Moldova’s territory to attack Ukraine, IPN reports.

Nicu Popescu said the Republic of Moldova will remain in a turbulent zone for at least several more years. However, the country will continue enjoying foreign support to overcome the economic, energy and security crises.

“The years to come will be difficult, with increased security risks to all the countries in the region. Absolutely all the countries in the region strengthen their security and defense capabilities. At the current stage, the risks to the Republic of Moldova cannot materialize. Evidently, the stress in society was at a much higher level last February, but the Republic of Moldova remains in a difficult region, with an unsolved conflict, with a war in Ukraine. The positive side is that we are not alone in this context. We are supported by tens of countries and organizations. President Iohannis said that Romania will not abandon the Republic of Moldova under all the possible scenarios. I’m optimistic that we will manage to keep peace, democracy and Europeanity in the Republic of Moldova,” Nicu Popescu stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

The official said the pro-European government managed to maintain peace and stability and, if Moldova had been managed by a pro-Russian government, it would have had the fate of Belarus. Only the European integration can offer prosperity and security to the Republic of Moldova.

“If the Republic of Moldova last year had been governed by pro-Russian forces, the risk to be used as a territory from which to launch hostile actions against Ukraine would have been big. We have the example of Belarus, which was attracted into this war. If we hadn’t had a pro-European government in the Republic of Moldova, the country could have been involved in this war against Ukraine. It is enough to analyze the processes in Belarus to see what risk we managed to avoid. But the war clarified particular things. Any citizen, regardless of the geopolitical preferences and the vote given in the parliamentary or presidential elections, wants to live in peace and democracy. Joining the European Union is the only way of keeping peace and democracy,” opined Nicu Popescu.

In the same connection, the Deputy Premier noted that the Transnistrian settlement process in the 5+2 format is not functional owing to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Moldova wants and expects Ukraine to win this war and to liberate its territories and Chisinau could later continue the peaceful country reintegration process.

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