Nicu Popescu: Government intends to build Europe at home

European integration is Moldova's foreign policy approach, yet the government intends to build Europe at home, by using the same formula that worked for countries such as Poland, Romania and the Baltic states. The statement belongs to the Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu who, in an IPN Press Agency video interview, said that Moldova could have good roads, a functional education system, a modern healthcare system and respect for the rights of citizens, through integration into the European Union.

"The Association Agreement is a roadmap for modernizing the country. We implement European legislation in the Republic of Moldova. However, while good laws are passed in Moldova, they are not enforced. We cannot quantitatively assess the Association Agreement. We can adopt 100% of the provisions of the Association Agreement, yet these laws must be enforced", said Nicu Popescu.

The minister of foreign affairs offered the annulment of the capital's mayoral elections as an example, which, in his opinion, was an action that set back to square one the degree of the implementation process of the Association Agreement’s provisions. "Such things do not happen in democratic European countries. Even if we implement 100% of the Association Agreement provisions, but the ruling party cancels elections, surrounds ministry buildings with athletes because they do not want to withdraw from the government, then the degree of implementation is zero”, said the foreign minister.

Nicu Popescu highlighted that the Association Agreement was a lifeline for Moldova. "Without this agreement, the Republic of Moldova would have been in a much more difficult economic situation. Wages and exports to the EU increased, while investors were attracted. The citizens live a little better", said Nicu Popescu.

The head of the Moldovan diplomacy said that the reformation and Europeanization processes would take a long time. "Today we are just at the beginning of the fight for justice reform. You know how deeply corruption has infiltrated our society. It will not be easy, it will not be fast or overnight, but the European conditions and persistence will help us”, said Nicu Popescu.

The foreign minister claims that, according to surveys, about half of the citizens of Moldova support the European integration, however, in practice virtually all Moldovans approve of it. "We, as a ministry, have a mandate to try to transform and facilitate the transformation of Moldova into a European country. This is our offer”, added Nicu Popescu.

The Foreign Minister said that the Republic of Moldova is at the crossroads of the interests of other countries. He considers that Chisinau's contribution to global geopolitics must be simplified, while improving the lives of citizens should be the main focus of the government.

The video interview offered to IPN Press Agency by the Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu is part of “Relations of the Republic of Moldova with development partners” cycle, supported by Hans Seiddel German Foundation.

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