Nicolae Negru: We will see real spirit of things when opposition invites people to protests

The European course of the Republic of Moldova could be influenced by the results of the war in Ukraine, said political commentator Nicolae Negru. According to him, Moldova’s European integration aspirations depend on the evolution of the regional security crisis. The war in Ukraine influences also the spirit of things in Moldovan society, while the citizens’ wish to remove the current government from power or to keep it will be visible at the protests announced by representatives of the opposition.

The political commentator said the obtaining of the EU candidate status is a merit of the current government, but is also a consequence of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine. The European integration desideratum depends on the denouement of the war and on the politicians in Brussels, who could suspend the EU enlargement process.

“The foreign factor can play a not really positive role in our European integration aspirations and in the irresistibility of the European course. The candidate status was obtained under the influence of the foreign factor, the war in Ukraine. It’s true that if we hadn’t had an appropriate government, we would have formed a duo with Georgia. It also depends on the European Union. Things can change and the enlargement to the Balkans and the East can be stopped. Our task is to do our homework, but to remain lucid and not to have illusions. Things will not develop swiftly. A lot of work is to be done inside and outside the country,” Nicolae Negru stated in a debate staged by IPN.

The government should explain the risks of the Russian influence on Moldova to the citizens and the role played by the media in this regard is essential. “At the current stage, the European course of the Republic of
Moldova depends more on foreign factors rather than on domestic factors. I refer to the results of the war in Ukraine. What will Dodon, Voronin say if the Russian forces suffer a failure in Ukraine? From the viewpoints of Dodon, Voronin, we should now ignore the fact that crimes are committed in Ukraine. If we consider ourselves Christians, we cannot ignore what is going on and cannot ignore the moral aspect of things. I believe our citizens will realize this very well if they are explained things,” said the political commentator.

The real popular support enjoyed by the government cannot be measured by sociological polls that do not contain the opinions of the diaspora. According to Nicolae Negru, the real spirit of things in society will become known during the protests announced by the opposition parties. “The Republic of Moldova remains afloat and this is due to the European Union, Romania. The citizens for now do not have reasons to oust the current government, as the opposition demands. In the opposition’s actions, we can see the influence of the foreign factor. It is a geopolitical struggle and it influences also the ratio of forces inside the Republic of Moldova. We will see the real state of affairs when the opposition calls on the people to take to the streets. We will see if the people join the protests. But they should take to the streets voluntarily, not by forced, not by being paid,” stated Nicolae Negru.

The public debate titled “Candidate status and irreversibility of European integration rely on society’s wish: What does this depend on in current conditions?” was the 258th installment of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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