Nicolae Negru: Citizens should be oriented to labor, not to triumphalism

The fact that most of the ministers do not have governmental experience is an advantage for the country as the people from outside the administrative machinery can give a breath of fresh air to the government, political commentator Nicolae Negru stated in a public debate at IPN. However, according to him, the mistake of the new government is that the electoral rhetoric is not abandoned and a general message that would generate the idea that all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova should contribute to the country’s development is not launched, IPN reports.

According to editorialist Nicolae Negru, the fact that some of the members of the new Cabinet lack of administrative experience can be turned into a benefit if their theoretical expertise is successfully put into practice.

“The new Government has a trump card compared with the other Governments. I refer to the fact that most of the ministers do not have administrative experience and come from the field of expertise, from the NGO sector. This is beneficial as the old mistakes will not be made and those persons will come with a fresh view to the Government. The citizens expect things to be moved on,” noted Nicolae Negru.

He said the lack of state budget revenues is the first problem faced by the current executive at a time when the Government’s reserve fund and intervention fund are empty and this fact was confirmed by acting Prime Minister Aureliu Ciocoi.

“The problem of financial resources is very serious. The government program does not say where money will be taken from, if only from our development partners. But we can borrow money from outside up to a certain moment, in the long run. It is important to relaucnh the economy,” stated Nicolae Negru.

He noted the idea of restructuring the Government and dividing four ministries into two entities is welcome. The Gavrilița Government consists of 13 ministries, not of 9 as until now. For the first time, the Republic of Moldova has four posts of deputy prime minister.

“The idea of having a deputy prime minister for digitization is welcome as this post is important for the development of the Republic of Moldova. The mistake of the new government is that the electoral rhetoric is not abandoned. They create a triumphalist atmosphere and generate the idea that there will be no stealing, no corruption and the state institutions will be cleaned. This is a wrong approach as the people should be oriented to work,” stated Negru.

The Cabinet led by Natalia Gavrilița was voted in on August 6 by the votes of 61 MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity.

The public debate “Government was invested: What do we want? What can it do?” forms part of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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