Nicolae Furtună: All vaccines imported into Moldova are of a high quality

Epidemiologists of the National Public Health Agency assured that the vaccines used to immunize the population are of a high quality and meet the requirements imposed by the World Health Organization. These provided explanations following social media messages against the mandatory vaccination and that doubted the existence of an epidemic of measles in Moldova, IPN reports.

National Public Health Agency vice director Nicolae Furtună said that during the last few years we have witnessed different campaigns launched by persons who have nothing to do with medicine and who question the efficiency of vaccination.

According to him, myths are being disseminated in the public sphere and online about the quality of vaccines imported into Moldova, as if they are worse than the vaccines used in Western countries. “The vaccines are imported based on a package of mandatory documents. No consignment of vaccines that does not meet the quality standards is accepted into storehouses,” stated Nicolae Furtună.

He also said that besides doubts about the quality of vaccines, there are rumors that the vaccines can cause particular diseases. “This is not true! Studies showed vaccination protects the population against infectious diseases,” stated the functionary, calling on the parents to accept the vaccination of children and not to deprive these of the right to health.

“I would like all those who say vaccination causes damage to give a specialty book or a specialized medicine website showing the vaccines are harmful as an example,” said Alexei Ceban, of the Agency’s Specific Prophylaxis Section. According to him, false information about the vaccines was disseminated in Serbia too and a number of criminal cases were started there as many children died because of diseases that could have been prevented by vaccination.

The controversial discussions about the compulsoriness of vaccines were restarted in August, when a series of cases of measles were reported in Moldova and the Government on August 20 instituted an orange code advisory for spread of measles.

Currently, about 5,700 children are not admitted to school because they hadn’t been vaccinated against measles.

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