Nicolae Ciubuc: There is still place for mobilization and unity in current Parliament

“We keep the position that there is still place for mobilization and unity in the current Parliament, by first of all condemning party switching, political corruption and the people who try to destabilized this Parliament,” Democratic MP Nicolae Ciubuc said in a public debate titled “How much and how Parliament worked for the people during spring-summer session?”, which was staged by IPN News Agency.

The MP noted that through the agency of obscure groups from outside Parliament, attempts are made to influence the lawmaking process, to replace the government, to cause chaos or place particular emphasis, to form new governments that would be docile to those groups of interests so that things could be influenced by the wish and method planned by these persons. “It is regrettable. Parliament should be an independent institution, should work by the letter of the law and should adopt decisions for the benefit of the Moldovan citizens,” noted Nicolae Ciubuc.

The MP noted the Democratic Party will be ready to take part in any eventual extraordinary siting of Parliament if really viable projects are proposed for adoption.

“The citizens expect deeds, results and concrete actions from the MPs. If we promote the hypothesis of snap elections daily, these elections can take place indeed. But we must attentively analyze what we will gain, what risks are involved and what we will obtain as a result of such elections, eventually. Or we decide to mobilize, unite and work together for the prosperity and wellbeing of our citizens so that the next stage ends with a result based on the assessment of the activity in the examined period,” concluded the MP.

The debate “How much and how Parliament worked for the people during spring-summer session?” was the 145th installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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