NGO questions legitimacy of February 24 elections

The Association of Nistru War Volunteers and Disabled questions the legality of organizing the February 24 legislative elections. In fact, according to the Association, all plebiscites held in the last twenty one years should be considered illegitimate, as should all the elected and appointed authorities, because of a fundamental procedural omission.

Anatolie Petrici, the leader of the Association and a lawyer by profession, argues that the current Election Code in effect since 8 December 1997 had apparently failed to be adopted through an organic law. Moreover, the legitimacy of the Constitutional Court from 1995 onward is also questioned for similar reasons. As many as 18 codes are affected by the critical flaw, claims Petrici, adding a response from the Ministry of Justice confirmed that “the organic laws which were supposed to establish those codes couldn’t be identified in the State Register of Legal Acts”.

Petrici says he notified the Central Election Commission about this, and other authorities as well, but received no answer. “Article 14 of the so-called Electoral Code states that the CEC is the overseeing body. But if there is no organic law to establish the Code, the legitimacy of the CEC itself is called into question”, Petrici told a press conference.

“We decided to hold this conference so that everybody knows in what legal chaos we are living today. The results of the upcoming elections cannot be validated. We are in a terrible situation”, Petrici added.

“This proves once more that the Republic of Moldova is a ghost state, an artificial state, a corrupt state founded on lies and that breaks all laws. A state controlled by the Russian Federation, an anti-Romanian, anti-Christian, and anti-humane state that promises to make our lives better, but fails miserably”, lamented Ștefan Sofronovici, poet and philology researcher.

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