NGO Council and CNP: The civil society solidarity towards the European option and the democratic transformation of Ukraine

1st December 2013, Chisinau

The Civil Society of Moldova supports the European and democratic aspirations of Ukraine. The popular and authentic support of the European option in Ukraine cannot be neglected. Also, the assimilation of the European democratic transformations is the responsibility of the political class.

We express our solidarity with the intention of Europeanization of Ukraine, requested during the peaceful demonstrations, held in the capital of the neighbor country and other its cities, with millions of participants exercising the right to freedom of assembly. Peaceful expression of their option in favor of the Europeanization is a democratic right that expresses the essence of the constitutional democratic transformation of the society.

We support the responsible and democratic civil society of Ukraine, and underline the Vilnius Declaration framework that underlines the important role of the civil society in the process of European integration of Ukraine, militating for the right to peaceful public assembly, for Government’s responsibility in taking decisions in a transparent way, and respecting the citizens’ interest for the reform of the democratic institutions.

We disapprove the attempt of some actors to distort the peaceful nature of the demonstrations in Ukraine, the known phenomenon that caused some aggressive actions during the peaceful demonstrations on April 7, 2009 in the downtown of Chisinau. In such situation, the security forces - the police and security organs – bear positive obligation to facilitate the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to maintain the public order.

We address this appeal to all democratic forces in Ukraine aiming to continue the European integration, also due to the fact that the real process of Europeanization of the entire Moldova is possible only alongside and together with Ukraine.

We call upon the President of the Republic of Moldova, the Government and the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, and the democratic political parties, to extend their full support for the European integration and the democratic transformation of Ukraine.


National Participation Council (CNP), is the national platform comprised of 30 organizations and hundreds of participating partners with mandate to facilitate and contribute to constructive dialogue on the policy-making process of the Government.

NGO Council of Republic of Moldova, is the country-wide national representative body of the civil society organizations elected by hundreds of organizations across the country to represent the interest of civil society.   

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