New rules for producers that generate packing waste

The new rules for producers that generate packing waste came into force. As of January 1, 2023, only business entities recorded in the Automated Waste Management Information System (SIA-MD) can place goods that generate packing waste in the utilization process on the market, the Ministry of Environment noted in a press release. The goal of this measure is to prevent or reduce the negative impact on the environment, IPN reports.

This way, the producers and importers of packing and packing waste are responsible for the goods placed on the market even after these are sold. This implies additional costs for campaigns to inform the population, to collect, transport and sort waste.

The regulations on packing and packing waste were approved in 2020. Since then the producers have been able to register in SIA-MD. The Ministry of Environment announced that in 2023, in order to encourage business entities to implement the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy, it will propose a bill to bring clarity as regards the payments made for environmental pollution and the payments made within the collective EPR systems.

The Ministry calls on the business entities to comply with the normative framework on waste management, noting those that will refuse to register in SIA-MD, but will continue to place packing on the market will be held administratively accountable.

Together with the Customs Service, the Ministry of Environment is designing the mechanism for mutually informing about the status of importer of products with packing. This means the business entities that are not registered in SIA-MD will not be allowed to place products in the Republic of Moldova.

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