New parliamentary elections are held in Hâncești constituency this Sunday

The voters in constituency No. 38 Hâncești, which includes the municipality of Hâncești and another 24 localities of the district, are expected to the polls on March 15. They will choose the candidate who will represent them in Parliament, IPN reports.

There will be established 44 polling stations. As many as 61,571 persons have the right to vote in this constituency. A number of 61,584 ballots were printed for these elections, mostly in Romanian.

The voters will choose from among 5 election runners: Ion Mereuță (PDM), Ștefan Gațcan (PSRM), Olesea Stamate (PAS), Dorin Chirtoacă (UNION Electoral Bloc), Grigore Cobzac (independent). The Shor Party’s candidate Vitalie Balinschi was excluded from the electoral race for the reason that he used undeclared funds and assets.

The candidate who gains the largest number of votes is declared the winner, regardless of the voter turnout.

The voters who cannot go to polling stations for health or other reasons can ask for the mobile ballot box at home, based on written applications submitted until 6pm on the day prior to the election day. Only persons with visual impairments can ask to be allowed to vote at home in oral form. On the election day, applications in written form can be filed by 3pm if a medical certificate is also presented.

The elections will be monitored by 82 national observers representing seven organizations. The CEC accredited 12 international observers on behalf of four embassies based in Moldova and two electoral associations.

Campaigning is banned on the election day and on the day before. The continuation of campaigning on these days is punished with a fine of 750 to 1,500 lei in the case of private individuals and of 1,750 to 2,500 lei in the case of persons holding responsible posts or election contestants.

The Central Election Commission set new parliamentary elections in Hâncești for March 15 after Democratic MP Alexandru Botnari renounced the seat of MP won in this constituency in favor of the post of mayor of Hâncești municipality that he secured in the November 3 mayoral runoffs.

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