Nationwide yellow alert for COVID-19

The authorities in Moldova ascertained an increased risk of alert concerning the epidemiological situation through the novel coronavirus (COVIS-19) and declared a nationwide yellow alert. Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection Viorica Dumbrăveanu, in the February 24 meeting of the commission for emergencies, said a public health emergency could be announced given that the number of infections increased in Italy, which is home to many Moldovans, IPN reports.

The minister noted that almost 500 tests for detecting the novel coronavirus and nearly 200 tests for confirming the result were received from Germany through the WHO on February 18. The public health facilities have been supplied with vital, essential and nonessential medicines in proportion of 97% nationwide. The institutions received masks, gloves, medical uniforms.

A social advertisement about measures that should be taken to prevent and control the coronavirus will start to be broadcasted on February 25.

Minister of the Interior Pavel Voicu said the border police are prepared to identify infected persons. The officers were outfitted with masks, gloves, thermometers and disinfectants. Two thermoscanners were installed at the Chisinau airport to examine the passengers who arrive in Moldova and a special ward was set up there for eventual suspected cases.

Customs Service director Sergiu Burduja stated that the expats are expected to return in force from Italy. After the airport, the Leușeni border crossing point is the best equipped point.

Prime Minister Ion Chicu noted that all the authorities in Moldova should act in accordance with the yellow alert and should show maximum responsibility.

As many as 78,800 cases of infection with the novel coronavirus had been reported worldwide by February 23. The death toll stands at over 2,400.

A number of 200 cases of infection have been confirmed in Italy, with the number of casualties rising to five.

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