Natalia Gavrilița: If we are voted in, we will govern for several weeks and will then resign

Natalia Gavrilița said that if the Constitutional Court declares the President’s decree to nominate her again as Prime Minister constitutional and Parliament gives a vote of confidence to her Cabinet, this will work for several weeks and will then resign. A Government cannot work in the absence of a parliamentary majority and the voting in of a Cabinet does nothing but extend the agony of the current Parliament, IPN reports.

The candidate for Prime Minister noted the stake of the second attempt to vote in the Government is much greater than of the first attempt and, if the parliamentary groups want to put of the snap elections and give a vote of confidence to her, she will resign.

“If we are voted in, we will come up with an anti-crisis program and a set of anticorruption measures. We will present them and will prove the absence of support in Parliament, as I do not think the Socialists with Shor will vote for the creation of the Anticorruption Tribunal, and we will then resign,” Natalia Gavrilița stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Natalia Gavrilița also said that if she obtains a vote of confidence from Parliament, the employees of the governmental institutions who are in conflict with the law, who served the previous governments will be dismissed and the system will be cleared of corrupt elements.

“We are ready to replace all the public servants, the Government’s representatives at the local level. We have sufficient human resources to start work immediately. We have experience of governing at the local and national levels,” stated Natalia Gavrilița.

She also said that her party, the PAS, does not support PPPDA MPs’ proposal to install a pro-European, minority Government led by Andrei Năstase. 

“A minority Government will be unable to solve people’s problems and will not bring the date of snap parliamentary elections closer. It will only extend the current agony,” said the candidate for premiership.

Natalia Gavrilița was nominated again as Prime Minister after the first attempt to vote in the Cabinet proposed by her failed. The Socialist MPs challenged the President’s decree in the Constitutional Court, which is to pronounce on its constitutionality on February 23.

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