Năstase, Slusari and Munteanu are PPPDA’s candidates for premiership

The future Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova should be an intelligent, competent, honest, upright person with character, the leader of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) Andrei Năstase stated, noting that the party he manages has such persons as members. This way, the party’s candidates for premiership include the president of the PPPDA and its vice presidents Alexandru Slusari and Igor Munteanu, IPN reports.

Andrei Năstase said the future action plan he proposes is based not on politicians and MPs, but on a set of laws that should be adopted. “We bank on a package of norms and reforms that will be proposed to the MPs. During 30 years, the ordinary people discussed between them, in halls and outside Parliament, but we come with a different approach. The PPPDA comes with a set of norms around which the people will come together. When we see that this majority of MPs has will and conscience and understands that the Republic of Moldova is going through a very difficult patch, we will be able to talk about the current Government’s removal. When the Government is removed, we could ultimately vote in a Government proposed by the PPPDA and a candidate for prime minister proposed by the PPPDA,” Andrei Năstase stated in the talk show “Shadow Cabinet” on Jurnal TV channel.

The politician noted that he banks on the conscience of the MPs who should understand that things cannot go on like this.

“We every time focused on a person, a personage. Candu comes and says that he does not like the person because this would jail his relative Plahotniuc. Shor comes and says that he does not support the person as this would ask Interpol to put him on the wanted list. This way a very important stage is passed swiftly. It does not go to the name of the Prime Minister as the DA Platform has at least three candidates who meet the criteria about which we are speaking.”

Andrei Năstase said that besides the three candidates, the PPPDA can field candidates for ministers who would form the future Government.

“The DA Platform acts and works as a very united team. There is no other better team than our team in Parliament. But we also have candidates for ministers who are responsible, expert persons, including from civil society. The future Cabinet can also include candidates proposed by other MPs.”

The ex-minister of home affairs noted the PPPDA’s call is aimed not at ‘outdated’ parties. “We call on the MPs who were elected in constituencies. The people voted for them to do something for them.”

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