Năstase about votes for his government: In 2019, problem of PSRM’s toxicity wasn’t raised

There is no consensus among the pro-European parliamentary forces for overcoming the political crisis experienced by Moldova. Representatives of the PAS assert the voting in of a Government with full powers will only delay the snap elections, while those of the PPPDA says they are ready to assume responsibility for a minority government supported also by the PSRM. According to the leader of the PPPDA Andrei Năstase, the Socialists voted for the Sandu Government in 2019, while the Democrats say a compromise solution can be found only as a result of consultations between parties and the President, IPN reports.

Acting president of the PAS Igor Grosu said their party does not support the idea of voting in a Government, no matter how short its mandate is. The political class must be changed and this can be done by snap parliamentary elections.

“All the salvation, transitional governments are nothing but governments to save a discredited Parliament full of turncoats, the Parliament of Plahotniuc, Shor, Dodon. Their goal is to maintain influence, to divide the schemes and to influence the justice system,” Igor Grosu stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

The Democrats urge President Maia Sandu to comply with the Constitutional Court’s judgment and to start consultations with the parliamentary parties. The leader of the PDM Pavel Filip suggests inviting mediators to the discussions.

“Maia Sandu does not have to choose now between a Government of Dodon and Shor and snap elections. She has to choose between the Government of Dodon and Shor, but can initiate consultations that can produce a consensus that would balance the situation in the Republic of Moldova. We had discussions with the PSRM and they are ready to have a dialogue. I’m afraid they will become more courageous and will insist on their majority and we will then reach 2023 with the current interim Government following this rhetoric,” stated Pavel Filip.

For his part, Andrei Năstase said that his party is for a minority government formed by the pro-European parliamentary parties and supported also by the votes of the Socialists.

“In June 2019, the Socialists voted in favor of the Government of the ACUM Bloc of which I formed part as a minister, while Missis Sandu as the Prime Minister. The toxicity of the PSRM wasn’t raised then. We suggest a government assumed by the PPPDA that would be formed together with ex-mates from the ACUM Bloc and colleagues from the PDM,” stated the leader of the PPPDA.

In the created political stalemate, President Maia Sandu said she does not see any sense in nominating a new candidate for Prime Minister. Her reaction came after the Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional her decree to nominate Natalia Gavrilița for premiership the second time.

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